Harry Styles Sets the Stage for Solo Release

It is officially 10 days until the majorly anticipated solo launch of Harry Styles. And it seems as though Mr Styles is covering all his bases to prepare for the change in his career.

Typically silent as always, Styles has been releasing cryptic and subtle hints of what we can expect. Over the weekend, he returned to Instagram with his previously taunting white squares, before later that same day, a 30-second commercial of a piano melody and Styles walking towards a door before the date of April 7 flashes across the screen. Not a single lyric or note from his well known voice, and still, it set the fandom on its head.

Today, Styles took to the online world. Changing his Twitter to feature a new profile picture, header, and link to a personal website. All very dark, whirlwind in theme.

The website follows the same instance, with the same image used in his Twitter header of what appears to be a tornado with flying furniture.

The website itself has no paths to take as of yet, but merely fans can enter their information to join a ‘list’ of sorts. What is to come from said list, remains to be seen.

The countdown is on, and if Twitter is any indication, it is one of the biggest anticipated releases of 2017. I guess we will see how Styles moves forward, and want he has up his eclectically tattoo’d sleeves.

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