Let’s Talk About Our First Impression of Famous in Love

If you have followed us for awhile, you know that we have long been obsessed with Famous in Love. When I got the ARC of the book, I devoured it in a matter of hours, hanging on to every last word. It was fun, exciting, and a breath of fresh air. Rebecca Serle had something special and I immediately felt like the world needed to know.

When the show was announced, I immediately freaked out. There was a sense of fear, but also a sense of excitement. I just wondered, how long would we have to wait to see it come to life? You know what I mean? There are a lot of things that are optioned, but never get made.

To my delight, Famous in Love was made. What made it even better was that Rebecca Serle was involved – she is a Co-Executive Producer and a Co-Creator, along with Pretty Little Liars showrunner, Marlene King. I devoured pictures, casting, and awaited the day that I would be able to devour the series.

A few weeks ago, the pilot was posted on the press site and I took it all in. I watched the screener of the pilot 14 times. No, it’s not that I had nothing else to do, but watching the pilot made me want more. I needed to know what happened next.

Last week my wish came true as my best friend called me and said, “THIS IS NOT A DRILL, ALL SCREENERS FOR FAMOUS IN LOVE ARE UP!”

I was sitting in a meeting at work and instantly wondered if I could suddenly fake sick and find my way home. I was going to have my answers. I was going to get to see more. But, the responsible part of me won out and I sat through my meeting and as soon as 6pm came, I was signed in to watch.

And for 6 hours, I didn’t move. I repeated that the next day. I was captivated. I was in love. And then I was angry.

Angry that there was no more. Angry that I didn’t have all my answers. The anger wasn’t a bad thing. A lot of season finales don’t make me want more right then and there. I am happy for a break. I need to emotionally recover or I need the time to decide if it’s even worth sticking with.

Famous In Love didn’t give me that feeling. I knew instantly that I needed more. And trust – when you see it you will understand. I want to tell you everything about it, but I can’t do that to you. You need to see it. But what I am going to tell you is what I can (side note: over the next few weeks we’ll have several articles about Famous in Love, and we’re gonna talk about a lot. Including how each actor fits as their character. While we would love to tell you all about Jake and Tangey, we think that you deserve some surprises and we don’t want to spoil how magnificent these characters are and what they bring to the story).


I knew little about Bella Thorne. I had loved to hate her in The DUFF and knew her social profiles. I loved how she seemed fearless, that she wanted to honest with her fans. But I admit I hadn’t seen her in much. But sitting down to watch Famous In Love – as I got through the 10 episodes, I knew a lot more about Bella Thorne as an actress. She’s got amazing range. She can play strong and fierce, the every day girl, the girl thrown into change and well… there isn’t much that she can’t do. She shined in every scene that she was in. She made you feel like you were really watching Paige Townsen on the screen. She is so much more than people give her credit for. Bella Thorne is magic.


Now, I am full on Team Rainer and if anything was solidified for me – it’s that I still am. My BFF – she’s all about Team Jordan. But guys – that’s ok. What we didn’t know watching this show that we’d have to make room for another team in our hearts. Team Jake. While we don’t want to give much away about Jake, he’s an interesting character. He’ll make you mad, he’ll make you angry and he’ll make you love him. And that’s ok.

The friendship between Jordan and Rainer is different – but the core of it is the same. Their issues – well, they are different than the book. But what I love here is that we can understand their relationship better. The moments that you see them together are great, but you also get to know so much about them as characters that you appreciate the struggles that they have gone through. You appreciate them more as people.

We’re just beginning to learn about Jake. But he makes sense. And that’s about all I can say.


We know from the books that there are a lot of complicated issues in Rainer’s life. But all I can say without giving stuff away – appreciate your Mama and Daddy, cause Rainer’s parents have got more issues than a Lifetime movie. But IT IS SO GOOD.


Alexis and Cassie are two different characters, but each one of them serves their purpose and are important to Famous in Love. Both you learn to love and sometimes hate. Both you struggle to understand at times, but at the same point you can see where they are coming from.

But seeing them both on screen – I couldn’t imagine anyone but Niki Koss and Georgie Flores as these characters. Each one gives Bella a run for her money on screen. They are stars people. They are stars.


Now, changes. Well, we don’t mind them when they further the story and don’t detract from them. The changes in Famous In Love, we believe in them. Yes, there is a huge difference, but it’s not a bad thing. But the thing about Famous In Love, if you like the book – don’t be afraid of the changes, you’ll still love the show. It’s done so flawlessly, that you can’t help but fall in love with Famous in Love on this medium.


I honestly believe that having Rebecca Serle involved – Co-Executive Producer, Co-Creator – was part of what made Famous in Love so fantastic. She is a fangirl, she understands what her readers want, and she doesn’t settle for less.


Look, sure, there is always further that it can go, but Famous in Love, goes there. It shows you just how Hollywood can be. It can be a scary place and it’s very political, but the thing is – we don’t see it a lot. However, Famous in Love, shows you a little bit about how Hollywood isn’t always glamorous.

Famous in Love
premieres April 18th on Freeform!

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