Harry Styles Posted on Instagram and Nothing Will Ever Be Ok Again

When One Direction went on hiatus, I admit that my heart broke. There were tears – I am not gonna lie. I wasn’t that upset when Zayn left the group, but when I was faced with the prospect of all of them never coming together again, my heart hurt. I didn’t care that I was a grown ass adult, I wondered what I was going to do with my extra time. What boy band would I fawn over?

Yes, yes – there are lots of musicians out there and there is the chance that you will always love someone’s music as much as you loved the one before it. But there is also the chance that you will win the lottery and I don’t know about you – that hasn’t happened for me yet. So, I wallowed. Niall, Louis, Liam, and Harry – what was I gonna do without you?

Now, if you are a fan of One Direction, you know that the boys do something special to you. It’s something that you can’t explain. My best friend once said, “Is it that they set your loins on fire?”
Let’s get real, I know that I am not going to be sleeping with any of them and if there is one thing I have learned in this industry, YOU NEVER WANT TO MEET THE PEOPLE YOU ADMIRE.

It’s been quite sometime since hiatus happened and I have grown to accept life the way it is. The way that Niall has embraced social media from time to time, the way that Liam is now a Dad, the way that Louis has shown strength and perserverance through so much.

And then the way that Harry Styles seemed to all but disappear.

Now, I know, I know – he was filming a movie and living life. But over the past year I waited for every single moment that we could get a glimpse. When he cut his hair, I died a little – but I was excited. He looked hot.

This morning Styles announced the name of his single and confirmed that he’ll be releasing new music on April 7th.


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So tonight men of the world, when you’re getting a little extra loving at home, thank Mr. Styles, cause he reignited your partners’s sex drive. It truly is a “sign of the times”.

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