The Blacklist: Redemption 1×07 Photos: ‘Whitehall’

So we’re finally here, the last episode before the Redemption season finale, and things are about to get crazy in “Whitehall”. Tom is extremely beat up in almost every promo photo, so we can assume he’s about to be put through the wringer, and it looks like a lot of it is at the hand of Solomon. Even though Scottie told him to stand down, it looks like she’s not calling him off completely, and Solomon is no doubt thrilled that he gets to keep going after Tom.

If I were Tom, I would be running the other way because Solomon is a terrifying and deadly assassin when you’re not on his side. Tom is highly skilled, but Solomon is on a whole other level, which probably explains why Tom looks like he’s been beaten within an inch of his life in most of the photos.

It’s anyone’s guess what Scottie’s next move will be, but it seems pretty certain that she’ll have a fair amount of restraint when fighting Tom because she knows he’s her son, even though he is working against her with Howard. It also looks like Tom has finally decided to side with Howard completely, and right now that seems like a smart decision. Scottie is definitely hiding something, and the fact that she was willing to torture her own husband and did torture him isn’t a promising sign, or one that’s likely to score her any points with Tom.

At the end of the trailer for “Whitehall” Tom was daring Scottie to shoot him with her gun to his head, so there must be a major event about to happen that pushes them to that point. My money is on Scottie having ties to the Russian sleeper agents, like Howard has been saying, but it’s Redemption, so there will probably be some big twist at the end of “Whitehall” and if not at the end of “Whitehall” then in the season finale that no one saw coming.

And don’t forget, we’re finally getting those long awaited cameos from Cooper and Liz!

Check out the gallery and read the synopsis for “Whitehall” below, and I’ll see you tonight!


Tom reaches out to an unexpected ally for help when tensions escalate between Scottie and Howard; Tom races to learn the truth about Whitehall.

The Blacklist: Redemption airs Thursdays at 10/9c on NBC.

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