Fangirlish’s FEELS of the Week: April 2nd-8th

Welcome to another Sunday of talking about the shows that made us laugh, cry, go awww and, of course, look around and wonder what in the world was happening. If it made us feel things, whether they were good, or bad, then this is where we talk about it. This is where you tell us if you agree. This is where we let it all out.

So, without further ado, here are these week’s picks:

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Bad-ass Female Character of the Week

Lyra: Jemma from Agents of Shield. If I woke up in my own grave, let me tell you, I’d be freaking the hell out and wouldn’t make it far. But Jemma Simmons kept going! She was on a mission to find Daisy & her friends and nothing was going to stop her. So she compartmentalized all the overwhelming feelings she had and kept moving, kept trying. I have no doubt in my mind that they’ll get everyone out of the Framework, and it’ll be because of Jemma’s never wavering perseverance and love for her friends…wait…her family.

Nora: Sasha from The Walking Dead. It was heartbreaking watching her go in the season finale, but man, what a way to go. It was the perfect ending to a badass female character. Sasha takes a pill that will kill her while inside a coffin. When Negan opens the coffin at Alexandria she completely surprises him and helps Rick and the Gang fight back. Even in death, Sasha is a fighter and that’s the best part. There’s going to be a massive hole to fill on The Walking Dead, not just because we lost Sasha, but we’re losing Sonequa Martin-Green. Sasha was the badass female character we need in our lives, right down to the very end. God, I’ll miss her!

Charles: Sara Lance from Legends of Tomorrow. All season long , she has had to take the mantle of Captain from Rip Hunter after his disappearance. She has made tough choices and made another one when she risked messing up time forever to save Amaya and keep the Spear of Destiny from the Legion of Doom. Even when she had the chance alter reality and change things, like saving her sister Laurel, she refused. Because she knew it was wrong to do so. That is a real hero there.

Erin: Well, this is a hard one. But I am going to go with Cheryl Blossom for Riverdale. That girl may be a bitch and cray cray – but this girl has put up with so much and we saw just how crazy and ruthless her family is. So, she’s a badass cause she’s surviving.

Chloe: Literally all of the five main ladies on Big Little Lies. I’ll keep it vague in case you haven’t watched yet (GET ON IT.), but the finale showed the different kinds of strength that each of them possesses in a very powerful way. There’s also a moment of wordless communication between several of the women that is extremely impactful. Madeline, Celeste, Jane, Bonnie, and Renata have gone through a lot, but the payoff in this episode proved that they are all very badass.

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OTP of the Week

Lyra: Richonne (Rick & Michonne) on The Walking Dead. Even though these two were separated during the battle against the garbage people and Negan in the Season 7 Finale, they kept fighting for each other. They’re a unit, a family, and every punch, kick, struggle, was to make sure they got to be in each other’s arms again. The moment where Rick found her was especially touching. He held onto hope that she was ok and the hesitation in his voice as he called her name was heartbreaking. Families, warriors, and loves like this, are the ones who survive.

Nora: Just when I think Scandal’s Olitz doesn’t have my heart, they share an emotional moment in the hospital hallway. It was fleeting, but it reminded how much I miss Olivia and Fitz and how Scandal has moved so far past their relationship, it’s hard to wonder if they’ll ever get together again. Seeing Fitz show up at the hospital and comfort Olivia as she deals with Huck’s possible death was emotional. Olitz has been through so, so much together, to see them finally share a cute moment was something I’ve been waiting for.

Danielle: NoahLee aka Noah and Rosalee from Underground. I was so shocked and surprised and happy when they finally reunited in this week’s episode!! They reunited, and it wasn’t even like they talked a lot in the beginning. They just looked at each other and felt each other’s faces, hands, arms, everything except talking. Because they haven’t seen each other in forever — they separated during the end of last season — so that was a huge moment for them. And what I love for them is, yes, they know they are under a lot of stress and frustration towards gaining their freedom from slavery. But they never seem to hold each other back. Rosalee is always pushing Noah to be his best self, and he knows how to tear down her emotional walls. I think their relationship is so beautiful, and so rare to see this kind of black love on TV.

Erin: I know, I know – Klaus and Haley aren’t together, but they once were. They will do anything to protect their daughter and to me, that is everything. I watch them and I see their strength and I can’t get enough of all of them. They are all perfect.

Lizzie: Aladdin and Jasmine on this week’s Once Upon A Time. I mean, it sure took Jasmine some time to get to the point where she believed not just that she was the hero her people needed, but the point where she felt worthy of love. But got there she did, and I love that Aladdin just …gave her time, space and support while she figured this out.

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Moment that made you collapse into a puddle of FEELS

Nora: When Lincoln finally sees Michael all these years later after thinking he was dead, but Michael doesn’t know who he is. The Prison Break revival was just emotional in general. Seeing all these characters again was a lot to process, but the moment that made me collapse into a puddle of feels was the final few minutes. Lincoln and Michael are the best brothers out there, so to watch Lincoln’s face drop from happy to sad in a second because Michael says he doesn’t have a brother was devastating. Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller fell right back in sync with each other, even though they barely shared a scene together. So many feelings as Prison Break returned to my screen.

Danielle: Noah proposing to Rosalee on Underground!! It was pretty much the best moment of the whole episode, not only because they’d reunited earlier, but even if they’d stayed together the whole time, I still think Noah would have proposed. Because he loves and respects her so much, and I just cried when he did it. Granted, it would have also been perfect if Rosalee had told him she was pregnant with his child, but baby steps!!

Another cool moment, for me personally, was getting retweeted by the official Underground Twitter account.

Terri: All of the interactions between Klaus and Hope on The Originals. The show has done a great job by casting such an expressive young actress and any scene that she’s in instantly makes me stop to pay more attention. The scenes between Klaus/Hope are heart melting – which is not something you say often about a TV show all about vampires, witches and werewolves.

Erin: Every scene with Klaus and Hope. Now, look Klaus has always been a dick and I have to say that I love him even more now that I see him as a father. He’s amazing. Hope was his redemption and every scene with them is beautiful.

Lizzie: Emma holding onto that shell-phone (hahahaha) and listening to Killian’s voice tell her that he didn’t mean to leave and that he was trying his best to come back to her on Once Upon A Time. I wish it’d been written differently, I wish the writers had allowed her to reach that conclusion by herself, but even if they didn’t – the sheer relief in her face at that moment, the happiness that she wasn’t just the girl everyone could abandon, that cut me. Emma’s my girl.

Alyssa: Peter Stone delivering the final blow into this ruthless serial killer who thought he was about to walk on Chicago Justice. There was something so satisfying watching Stone set the trap, let this killer think he was about to get everything he wanted, and watching Stone so elegantly and so swiftly take it all away — and direct the case to Indiana so that this lowlife would get the death penalty. If you need a moment to inspire you, just watch that scene.

Chloe: I’m still binge-watching my way through Thirteen Reasons Why, and there’s hardly a shortage of feels-inducing moments–but one that hit me especially hard was seeing Hannah’s quiet breakdown after Zach seemingly tosses her note explaining why the compliment bag in communications class is important to her. The show is getting harder and harder to watch as it goes on and Hannah–a beautiful, funny, smart, and vivacious teen–falls further into despair. It’s not easy to see the events leading up to her suicide unfold, and it shouldn’t be. I have a feeling it’s all downhill from here.

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Superhero of the Week

Nora: Kim Burgess on Chicago PD this week was the definition of a superhero. This week’s case focused on Burgess’ sister, who was raped at a party. It was a tough episode altogether, but Burgess came out swinging. When she runs through the Chicago train station and finds her sister bleeding out on a bench, something clicked in her and made her my favorite superhero this week. When Burgess and Lindsay go undercover (first of all, I love the #Lingess team ups) and catch the people that did this, it’s her true superhero defining moment. Burgess is such a great character and this week’s episode that focused on her was a lot to handle. We love you Burgess, take all the time you need and come back to Chicago PD stronger than ever!

Charles: Jemma Simmons from Agents of SHIELD. From crawling out of her own grave to taking out some HYDRA goons, Jemma showed how she’s become one of the toughest characters on tv today. Also seeing her and Skye fighting back against the framework world is going to be great.

Erin:  Burgess and Lindsay on Chicago PD. The episode was tough, really tough. But the way that those two worked the case – especially Burgess, I was in tears. She was strength, wisdom, and hope. There are no words for how great this episode was. Then again, when aren’t episodes of Chicago PD.

Alyssa: Kim Burgess on Chicago P.D. Anytime a case involves a family member there’s this added sense of emotion. And this week’s episode was about as tough as it gets. Watching Kim possess the strength to work this case after her sister was sexually assaulted, hold it together through the rage and emotion, and bring the bastards to justice was emotionally gratifying. Not to mention the moment she got to kick the crap out of the guy that raped her sister had me cheering. Kim Burgess was the definition of a superhero. She always is. But this episode really highlighted that.

Chloe: [SPOILER] on Big Little Lies. The payoff in the finale was so worth the wait.

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Quote of the Week

Lyra: “Betty don’t do that, don’t give up. Your family is definitely splintering right now but it won’t fall apart because of you. I think you’re holding them together. You’re so much stronger than all the white noise. You’re so much stronger than your mother! You’re stronger than your father! You’re holding this family together. So don’t. Don’t let go.” – Jughead Jones, Riverdale.

Nora: “The decision was made a long time ago, before any of us knew each other. We were all strangers who would’ve just passed each other on the street before the world ended. And now we mean everything to each other. You were in trouble. You were trapped. Glenn didn’t know you, but he helped you. He put himself in danger for you.  And that started it all, from Atlanta, to my daddy’s farm, to prison, to here, to this moment now. Not as strangers, as family. Because Glenn chose to be there for you a long time ago, that was the decision that changed everything. It started with both of you, and it just grew. All of us. To sacrifice for each other. To suffer, to stand, to grieve, to give, to love, to live, to fight for each other. Glenn made the decision, Rick. I was just following his lead.” – Maggie Rhee, The Walking Dead

Danielle: “My first choice as a free man is you.” – Noah to Rosalee, Underground

Charles: “This isn’t the framework, this is hell.” – Jemma Simmons, Agents of SHIELD

Alyssa: “Here’s how I see it: Men and women we endure because we care for each other. We need each other. When we find predators that seek to prey on us, we eliminate them.” – Hank Voight, Chicago P.D.

Sarah: “Emma, Emma are you there? I didn’t mean to leave, I was on my way back to you. Gideon, he sent me away. I would never leave you. Emma, he wanted me out of the way and I love you. I don’t know if you can hear me, but I’m trying to get home to you and I won’t ever stop until I do.” – Killian Jones, Once Upon a Time

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WTF Moment of the Week

Lyra: Aida kissing Fitz on Agents of Shield. Part of my disgust is because I’m a FitzSimmons shipper and I don’t want anyone’s lips to go near Fitz unless they’re Simmons. The other, non-shipper, part of me is disgusted with the kiss because Aida took away his free will and warped his mind to love and adore her. There is no consent there. AT ALL! I want to say that Aida doesn’t understand what it means to be human by doing this but…some humans are monsters. Maybe she does understand and just doesn’t care because Fitz treated her with kindness and she wants him. No matter her reasons, Fitz will never love her because he took Fitz choice away, locked up his friends, and separated him from his love, Jemma.

Terri: Huck gets shot point blank in the chest, stuffed into the back of a car, pushed down an embankment into the water, nearly drowns, escapes at the last minute, swims to shore, and SURVIVES. Sorry Scandal, I couldn’t take this episode seriously, due to the absurdity of it all.

Nora: I have to agree with Terri on this one. Scandal, you’ve thrown so many curveballs at us, but really? There’s no way Huck would’ve survived being shot, stuffed in a car and then nearly drowning. I think it would’ve been much effective if they killed Huck. I love Huck as a character, but that big risk would’ve been so much better than this miracle of saving Huck.

Charles: The Legends meeting the Legends on Legends of Tomorrow. It was such a treat to see each team member interact with their double. From the Rips displeasure to Saras chat with each other, it was wild , timey-wimey nonsense but also enjoyable too.

Erin: That would be every scene with the Blossom parents on Riverdale. WTF.

Lizzie: The whole thing with hackers hijacking the hospital’s systems on Chicago Med. It was a good storyline, and the show did a good job, but I just can’t stop thinking …wow, that’s low. And yet, it doesn’t sound so far fetched.

Alyssa: I’m going to have to say all of the death on the Legends of Tomorrow season finale. I mean I know they said there was going to be a lot of death. But dear God. I mean, I know it was the Legends’ doubles that were dying, but it still was traumatic to watch. Especially early on when it happened to Ray. I legit lost it. I knew there had to be a way to save him, but that doesn’t erase that feeling. Then as the episode reached the end and we started to see pretty much every Legends’ double killed, my jaw was resting on the ground. Like, come on, I know it’s not meant to be as traumatic because they live, but enough is enough! Next time warn us. Oh, wait, they did.

Agree? Disagree? Have another moment you think we missed? Share with us in the comments below!


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