13 Reasons Why Review: Tape 2, Side B

I know that when it comes to 13 Reasons Why, people have very different opinions. Some people feel that it doesn’t touch on everything that it should and therefore it’s reckless. Some feel that it’s so raw and real that it needs to be seen by everyone.

We fall on the it’s so raw and real that it needs to be seen by everyone.

If you aren’t familiar with 13 Reasons Why, it tells the story of Hannah Baker, who committed suicide and left behind tapes that tell the 13 reasons that led to her suicide. She calls out the 13 people and events that led to her suicide.

We’re on Tape 2, Side B. We’re on the fourth person, the fourth thing that led to her taking her own life. For every action, there is a reaction.

Subject of Tape 2, Side B: Tyler Downs

Hannah Baker made a good point – we’re a society of stalkers. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… they have all made it easy for us to spy on people. How many times have you searched through someones social media footprint to know more about them? An ex that you can’t get over? A person that you are intrigued about and want to know? I know I have.

Only Hannah Baker’s stalker wasn’t online. Her stalker was like and in person. Let’s break this episode down.


Sometimes we walk inside and don’t notice the sounds that surround us. Everything is just noise, something that is happening somewhere. But that doesn’t mean that it is true – that the sounds are happening to someone else.

At first Hannah didn’t focus on the noise. She heard it, but didn’t focus on the noise until it followed her into her room. And as she started to undress and the sound was all she seemed to hear, she crawls into bed with her clothes still on, too afraid to move. School was a nightmare and now the safety of home was being taken away.

Afraid to sleep, the next day, she’s falling asleep in class. Courtney – a classmate, teaches her how to fall asleep and not get caught. That’s when Hannah tells what is happening to her – that she has a stalker. Instantly, you can’t help but feel for Hannah, who only wants to make friends and worry how will this person hurt her.

But how Courtney would hurt her would be caused by someone else’s – Tyler – actions. Hannah thought it was a creepy old man down the street taking pictures of her. So her and Courtney decide what they are going to do is shine a bear light on him and figure out who it is.

But first comes liquid courage. A mixture of all of the alcohol in the house, but just enough that the parents don’t notice.

But liquid courage can sometimes lead to courage in the things that you don’t expect to gain courage to do a game of “Truth or Dare” leads to a kiss between the two. Courtney doesn’t hear the camera going off outside, but Hannah does. She shines the light and that’s when they realize it’s Tyler.


So Courtney runs out, leaving Hannah again feeling like she’s done something wrong. She tells Courtney the next day that she’s going to get the photos back from Tyler and Courtney acts like nothing is wrong. You know – the way that we all do when something is wrong, but we don’t want to say it.

But Courtney comes back later in the day to Hannah, in tears asking what she had done. See, when Hannah got the photo’s she laughed at Tyler and so he retaliated by sending a picture of Courtney and Hannah kissing.

This wasn’t Hannah’s fault, but Courtney sure is acting like it is. She tells Hannah to stay away from her and Hannah breaks down in tears. Again, she’s being blamed for things that were beyond her control.


Clay – as he listens to the tapes is breaking down. This is hurting him and you can see it at every moment. He loved Hannah and as he confronts Tyler – well, Tyler reiterates the same thing. That he say how much Clay loved Hannah, but he didn’t do anything about it. And sure, it’s true, Clay did love her. He was afraid to love her.

But who of us isn’t afraid of love? I know I am. Clay has regret, tons of it. It’s all on his shoulders and he can feel it at every turn. But he wants to save Hannah now. Yes, he can’t love her back to life, but he can try to be there for her at every turn now.

He told Tyler to destroy the photos.

But Clay crosses a line when he decides to send out a picture of Tyler naked – his bare ass for the world to see. I get it, he thinks he is doing the right thing – making Tyler feel the way that he made Hannah feel.

What kills me about this show is that there are a bunch of kids who don’t seem to realize that every action has a consequence. That you never know what someone else is going through, so why be cruel? Why tear someone down in order to build yourself up?

Guys, life is so short and we need to be paying attention. We need to be there for others. We need to be kind. Kindness is free. Kindness could change a lot in this life.

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