13 Reasons Why Review: Tape 3, Side A



Words. The words that we say seem simple enough, but sometimes, they are just a little bit more complicated. Hell a lot of the time they are more complicated. Especially when you are in high school. Everything seems a bit more extreme, a little more intense, and sometimes a little more out of control.

Tape 3, Side A is the power of rumors. The consequences of actions. The way words can change your life. The way throwing someone under the bus to protect yourself can really be harmful.

Courtney, afraid of her classmates finding out about her sexuality, spreads the rumour that the girls in the leaked photos are Hannah and Laura, an openly lesbian classmate. Courtney also adds to the rumor about Hannah and Justin, furthering Hannah’s poor reputation. Meanwhile, in the present, Clay takes Courtney to visit Hannah’s grave.

Let’s break this episode down.

Subject of Tape 3, Side A: Courtney


This episode opens up at the school dance, Clay see’s Hannah across the gym and his friend tells her to go and get her. It’s magical, they meet in the center of the floor, ready to dance, but then we see the nightmare part – Hannah’s wrists have been cut, she’s bleeding and Clay can’t help her. Enter Courtney, ready to stab Hannah in the back. Cause that is what she has done.

See, as you may remember from Episode 4, Tyler had taken a picture of Courtney and Hannah kissing and sent it to the entire school. Hannah was ready to take everything head on, because she wanted to be there for Courtney. That’s what friends do. Only Courtney wasn’t able to deal with it.

She wanted to run away from the problem.

So that’s what she did. She acted like nothing was wrong, even though everything was. Avoidance was Courtney’s was of dealing with things, even though that wasn’t the way it should have been. Hannah however, wasn’t one to run from things and finally one day she has enough. She goes over to Courtney at lunch and wants to talk about it. Courtney sits there and takes it. When her friends come over and sit down, Hannah says that she’ll leave. BUT – Courtney tells her to stay.

They ask Hannah is she can drive to the dance and for Hannah that’s the invite that she needs to try to cultivate these friendships. She begs her parents for a limo, but they decline. It’s too much money. Only the day of the dance, her Dad had upgraded the car and Hannah was through the roof excited.

Dads – they get it sometimes and hey, they let their little girls wrap them around their fingers.

Off to the dance and long story short – Bryce has said that it’s Courtney and Hannah in the picture. Hannah shuts him down, but when she leaves Courtney alone and another boy, Montgomery, asks Courtney if her and Hannah are ready for a good time basically. Courtney, ready to divert tells him that it’s Hannah and Laura and that they had invited her for a threesome and she declined. Then Courtney confirms (lies) that Justin fingered Hannah and she went down on him.

Kudos for Hannah though – she confronts Courtney right away and tells her that she can’t fuck with her life.

Words can be cruel people. Lies can affect everyone.


Courtney had previously told Clay that if he needed to talk, so that she would be there. Clay goes up to her and tells her that he really wants to talk. They get in the car and Clay asks if he can take her somewhere. Where is that? Hannah’s grave.

Clay isn’t putting up with shit and tells Courtney exactly how it is. That she was a shitty friend and that Courtney had nothing to be ashamed of. She was able to tell Clay how she felt, that she was the daughter of two gay Dad’s and they had lived through so much scrutiny. Courtney seems to be going through so much, figuring out who she is.

Courtney leaves Clay at the cemetery. Tony shows up and as usual, is there for Clay. They talk and Tony talks about how this is his first time at the cemetary, becuase he wasn’t ready. This is something you have to be ready for.

A lot happens at the cemetary, but I think for a second we can see that Clay has accepted that Hannah is gone and knows that he needs to fix something. I am not saying that’s for Hannah, I personally think he’s finding a way to fix his guilt.

Because when you commit suicide, what you leave behind, they stay with the people that you left behind. They don’t just go away. They are there.

I’ve been there. I know.


So Clay’s on his bike on the way back from the cemetary, when Alex, Jeff, and Justin appear out of nowhere behind him. They tell him to get in the car and he’s practically forced in. While in the car, Alex turns off the lights and starts speeding down the road.

Clay’s scared. He tells him to slow down. Justin is trying to make a point, that Clay needs to get himself under control and needs to stop messing with peoples lives. Clay agrees to stop and Alex doesn’t slow down.

We see the sirens approaching and finally Alex pulls over. When he does pull over, we find out the Sheriff is Alex’s Dad. Justin get’s excited and tells Clay that they are “bulletproof.”

Umm, it’s that cockiness that may get your ass into a lot of trouble.


  • Hannah’s parents are suing the school, because of bullying that they believe may have contributed to Hannah’s suicide.
  • Clay’s Mom is the litigator defending the school
  • Tyler goes to visit Mr. Porter and when Mr. Porter asks if he wants to speak about Hannah, Tyler asks him if he wants to.
  • Tony, the night of the dance gives Hannah a mix tape when he jumps her car. He also gives Clay a tape at the cemetery with the song.



This song is the song that Clay and Hannah dance to at the dance.

The beauty of 13 Reasons Why is that it’s raw, it’s tough and it’s real. It’s streaming on Netflix now.

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