Katrina Law Returning to Arrow as Nyssa & Talia al Ghul Face Off

Arrow is certainly rolling out all the stops as it winds down its fifth season.
After the news that Manu Bennett is reprising his role as Slade Wilson (aka Deathstroke) for the season finale, Arrow is putting together a family reunion of sorts that’s sure to have fans talking.
According to EW.com, Katrina Law will be returning to Arrow for a multiple-episode arc that will pit her character Nyssa al Ghul against her estranged sister Talia al Ghul and will end in an “epic fight.”

“They’re close enough and different enough that I would love, at some point, to do a story with Nyssa and Talia,” executive producer Marc Guggenheim previously told EW.
With Talia siding with Adrian Chase, aka Prometheus, and given Nyssa’s alliance with Oliver, it’s safe to assume that this will be a showdown between the al Ghul sisters.
It’s definitely something we’ve been anticipating since Talia joined the show this season. And now we’re going to get to see it play out throughout multiple episodes.
Arrow returns with its final five episodes this season on Wednesday, April 26.


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