13 Reasons Why Review: ‘Tape Three, Side B’


When I watch 13 Reasons Why, after each and every episode, I find myself sitting here crying and not thinking that I can make it through another one. Every episode is painful, but every episode is necessary.

If you aren’t familiar with 13 Reasons Why, you should be. It tells the story of Hannah Baker, who commits suicide and leaves behind tapes that tell her 13 Reasons Why. Each side of the tape is a different person and after that person finishes the tapes they are supposed to pass it on to the next person.

Right now Clay Jensen has the tapes and he doesn’t know why. But then again he hasn’t gotten to his tapes.


Lets break down episode six, Tape Three, Side B.

Subject of Tape Three, Side B: Marcus


Alex. I haven’t really liked Alex at all, but this episode, we see just how much this whole situation has screwed him up. Yes, he’s made his mistakes and he didn’t look at the bigger picture. But for some of these kids you can see that they didn’t think about the bigger picture. They didn’t see just how much damage one decision can make. They don’t see just how it can catapult. Because as we learn in 13 Reasons Why, everything does.

I think that at the beginning, when Alex goes off on Montgomery for driving too fast and almost hitting him, he just wants someone to punish him. He doesn’t want to feel anymore, he wants to be punished for what he’s done.

Montgomery and him get into a fight and Mr. Porter breaks it up. The Vice Principal doesn’t really want to do anything, because she doesn’t want more charges of bullying brought. So they decide to bring it in front of the honor board.

Where – shocker – Marcus is the head of. The board decides to give Montgomery a 3 day suspension and Alex a warning. But he wants more than that. He wants them to stop being hypocrites. He wants for someone to hold him accountable for all that he’s done. In exchanges with Marcus and Courtney while they are passing judgement, it’s clear that they are not talking about what happened with Alex, but about Hannah. Clay blurts out maybe that they are all to blame.

After everyone leaves, Marcus tries to shut him down. But Clay is ready to take on the world.


So in high school, you know those roses that you can buy for others? Well this school has dollar valentines and after filling out a survey you get your “soulmate.” Well, while filling out his, Clay gets told by Jeff that he needs help with his. He wasn’t his true self, but one has to wonder if he was and if he and Hannah had gotten matched, what would have been different?

But one can’t wonder why – because it won’t change anything.

Hannah filled hers out and while she did – all she could think was that it was Clay. She wanted to be with Clay.

But her list matched her up with people she didn’t want to be with. Bryce? Ya, no. Alex? Nope. But while walking out of the gym with Sherry, she receives a call from Marcus, who was matched with her. He asks her out and she agrees to think about it.

Cut to later that day, she’s at work with Clay. She’s dropping every subtle hint that she can that she wants Clay to ask her out. But Clay isn’t catching hints and when she says she should just call Marcus, Clay agrees. He’s so afraid to love her that it hurts to watch.

So Hannah sets up the date and she leaves. But when she goes to the diner, she waits and thinks that she’s been stood up. When she’s ready to leave, Marcus texts and she decides to give him a second chance.

When he shows up, he’s flirty and funny. One can’t blame Hannah for falling for it. I think we’ve all been there.

But Marcus thinks she’s DTF and goes over a line, when he tells her that they should leave cause his parents are out of town. He puts his hand up her skirt and she pushes him off. He yells and tells her that he thought she was easy.

Hannah falls apart. Hannah can’t move. She is traumatized.


So Clay is outside the school when Sherry comes up to him and starts to talk. It’s after the fight and she see’s an opportunity to sweep in. I am gonna make this one short – Sherry and Clay end up making out.

Long story short, Clay ends up kicking her out because even though she denies it, Sherry was being nice to Clay to get the tapes. She’s on the tapes. She doesn’t want him to listen to hers.


Part of the hardest thing about 13 Reasons Why is that the parents can’t understand what happened. Seeing the way that they are falling apart, the way that they are looking for answers and they just don’t get them.

They need a reason. They deserve a reason. But the questions may never have answers.

13 Reasons Why is streaming now on Netflix.


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