Louis Tomlinson Will Not Face Charges in Assault Case

I think this is something we all saw coming. At least those of us who watched the video which surfaced following the allegations that One Directions Louis Tomlinson ‘assaulted’ a paparazzi back in early March.

On March 3, 2017, Tomlinson stepped in to deflect a pap from being a little too ‘in your face’ with girlfriend Eleanor Calder while at LAX. During his own confrontation, two young women attacked Calder, hitting and kicking her when she pushed one girls phone away to stop filming the incident. The video clearly shows both Tomlinson and the pap rushing forward at the same time (Tomlinson to defend Calder, the pap to ‘get the shot’), colliding and falling down. In true NBA flop style, the pap dramatically fell to the floor, while Tomlinson scurried forward shouting ‘what the hell is happening?’ before pulling the attackers off Calder.

To make the situation even more ludicrous, the women then attempted to say Tomlinson attacked them, despite the fact that the video clearly showed them hitting and kicking Calder, and Tomlinson simply pulling them off.

Well, the drama will officially end in this regard, as it has been announced despite the paps attempts to charge Louis with assault, it is not likely to end in the paps favor.

“Each of the parties will be interviewed regarding the incident and advised of the law and ways to avoid similar incidences in the future. Typically, there is no further action taken by our office after the hearing, though we do reserve the right to file charges up to one year from the date of the original incident should additional information or future actions require additional measures.” – spokesperson

While Tomlinson was arrested and later released on $20,000 bail, lawyers have cited he was ‘provoked’ by the pap, and simply defending himself and Calder.

Fans within the 1D collective have been quite vocal on their desire for Tomlinson and Calder to press charges on the women who assaulted them at LAX, dismissing the pap rather quickly.

I guess time will well what finally comes of this little mess.

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