‘The Blacklist’ 4×16 and 4×17 Photos: “Dembe Zuma” and “Requiem”

It’s finally here! The Blacklist is back tonight with a special 2 hour event, airing episodes 4×16 and 4×17 “Dembe Zuma” and “Requiem”. When we last saw Red and the team, Red had been poisoned by someone close to him and the team just barely found the antidote in time. They left us with with an absolutely wicked cliffhanger, making it look like Dembe had been the one to poison Red, leaving fans in shock. If you want to go for a twist, that’s the way to do it, because I don’t think anyone would have ever dreamed that Dembe was behind Red’s near death. Right now, it still hasn’t bee confirmed that it was him, but we’ll find out tonight!

From the trailer that was shown after the Redemption finale last Thursday, we now know that Kate is finally coming back, and she’s coming back with a vengeance. If I were Red, I would start running for the hills, because shooting someone in the head isn’t something they’re likely to forgive you for. What he did to Kate was absolutely unacceptable, and I hope she makes him suffer, at least for a little bit. Enough to make him feel truly sorry for what he did and spend the rest of his life making it up to her.

Besides Kate’s return, which already promises to be epic, we can see from the promo photos that we are also getting her backstory! We’re going all the way back to the beginning when she first met Red, and we’re going to see that she had a much deeper connection to Liz and her family than we knew. Knowing now that she had a past connection with Liz and her family makes her actions in helping Liz to fake her death and keep her safe from Red seem completely justified and have a much deeper meaning. I’m always saying that we need to see the backstories of more of our favorites on the show, and now we’re getting one from a completely unexpected character.

It’s going to be an exciting two hours! Take a look at the gallery and I’ll see you all back here tonight for an all new two episode Blacklist event!

The Blacklist returns tonight at 9/8c on NBC.

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