Fangirlish’s FEELS of the Week: April 24th-29th

Welcome to another Sunday of talking about the shows that made us laugh, cry, go awww and, of course, look around and wonder what in the world was happening. If it made us feel things, whether they were good, or bad, then this is where we talk about it. This is where you tell us if you agree. This is where we let it all out.

So, without further ado, here are these week’s picks:


Badass Female Character of the Week

Lyra: Lena Luthor from Supergirl has stolen my heart and I don’t know if I want it back. She’s beauty, she’s grace, she’ll punch you in your face…if you’re holding her friends hostage. I love how they’re developing her character. Her involvement and appearances aren’t solely based around Kara. Lena has her own backstory, concerns that plague her waking moments, and entanglements with other characters. I can’t wait to see what she does next!

P.S. That one liner when before punched Jiya from Timeless, because god I hope it gets renewed, was perfection.

Nora: Felicity Smoak is my badass female of the week. This week, it was Smoak vs. Team Arrow in one of the best episodes this season. Felicity decided to go against Oliver and Diggle and do what she believed was right. After all these years of following Oliver’s lead, Felicity makes her own move to take down Adrian Chase. It was a total badass episode for Felicity Smoak. Between her incredible hacking moments to her getting in the field to help Helix recover their leader it was an epic episode for Felicity. She’s been sitting on the sidelines for a majority of season five, so it was a welcomed episode that had Felicity at the center. I’d follow Felicity Smoak into battle any day of the week and this episode proved that. While she may have strayed to the “dark side,” she did so with the best intentions.

Danielle: Again, there are two badass female characters on Underground this week: Rosalee and Elizabeth. First, Rosalee because she threw that lantern at the Macon house, driving batty Big Missy to tears! The best! Then, Elizabeth completely dragged Lanie for filth when she wouldn’t donate towards the Sewing Circle. She basically blackmailed Lanie for being fake and a cheater. I’ve never really thought of Elizabeth like that in season one, but she’s definitely caught my attention in season two.

Lizzie: I’m with Nora here – Felicity Smoak from Arrow wins the week and boy, am I glad she’s back. What we’ve gotten from her this year has been inconsistent and, at times, it even felt like the show was pushing her to side, and though I still don’t like how she got to this point – I love Felicity Smoak. I always have, I always will. And I’m here for her kicking ass, outsmarting everyone, calling Oliver out on his hypocrisy and yes, getting the job done.

Charles: I’m going with Felicity Smoak too on Arrow. She finally got a moment to shine in season 5 and it was well worth it. Seeing her standing up to Oliver’s hypocrisy and her interactions with Helix made the episode the best of the season by far. Also , we got to see Felicity in the field which is a rare sight on Arrow!  We need to see Felicity in the field more for season 6.


OTP of the Week

Lyra: Karamel is my OTP of the week once again! There were major shenanigans going on in Supergirl’s “Ace Reporter” and I loved it. They were cute, flirty, and supportive. What more could you want?! Now…some said that they were glad that Mon-El wasn’t in a lot of the episode. That it did better without him. Sure he wasn’t there a lot because this episode had more of focus on Kara’s relationship with Lena. (Cuz girls can be friends on TV. Shocker, I know.) But his absence didn’t affect the quality of the episode as if each character needs a time allotment to be satisfactory. It’s about quality, not quantity when it comes to Mon-El and Supergirl has done a fantastic job at that. Karamel is a quality ship based on something more than the amount of screentime they get.

Lizzie: I have two OTPs every week, and Lyra already raved about one of them, so I’m going to just say that, even when Mon-El is around for very little Karamel is adorable, and focus on Once Upon A Time’s Captain Swan. Because this week, for what feels like the first time, Emma and Hook got to be just …two people in love. Two people who made out in the kitchen of their home, two people who planned their wedding, two people who couldn’t take their hands off each other …two people who are getting ready to spend the rest of their lives together and can’t believe how lucky they got. It’s what I’ve been wanting to see for years, and I’m glad they got here. Really, really glad.

Charles: I’m going with Captain Swan too on Once Upon A Time. It was really nice to see a moment of just pure happiness for them. Just a slice of what their lives can be when allowed to be. A man and woman in love with one another and ready to be like this for the rest of their lives. It was cute, sexy and lovely.

April: I’m sure I’m a broken record on this, but Betty and Jug from Riverdale all day, every day. Although the previous episode had a bit of angst for the two, this week’s gave them an onslaught of heartbreak when Jug was hurt that Betty knew their friends were trying to identify his dad as Jason Blossom’s murderer and didn’t tell him. It’ll be interesting to see how Betty and Juggie work their way through the angst, especially since Betty revealed to her mother that she loves him and called him her family, which is all Jug really wants.


Moment that made you collapse into a puddle of FEELS

Charles: Skye and Ward’s talk on Agents of SHIELD. I’ve never been the biggest SkyeWard fan but their talk here brought all the emotions. Ward’s wish to have his Skye back as Skye finally got to see the good Grant Ward could have been. Makes me sad that we could have got this on Agents of SHIELD as this Ward would have been a worthy person for Daisy Johnson to love.

Nora: Kelly going to Anna on Chicago Fire this week. I’ve never truly cared for Kelly’s relationships on Fire until Anna and now I’m invested and already crying. Anna’s cancer has returned and things aren’t looking good. When Anna pushes Kelly away, Kelly does something that shows his character growth over the last five seasons. He helps Anna and will stay with her no matter what. It was a sob worthy moment, especially when Anna cried in Kelly’s arms revealing she’s scared of what’s to come. It was emotional and I’m nervous for next week’s episode!!

Lizzie: I’m gonna be honest, I had a lot of Captain Swan feelings this week. Might not be your usual feelings, but there were a lot of feelings when Hook came down and  found Emma making pancakes and they were about to partake in the kitchen – and then Snow came in. Because, of course she has a key. It was the perfect, domestic Captain Swan moment we’ve been expecting for ages, and considering I got it I can almost forgive Once Upon A Time for having Snow interrupt. Almost.

April: The scene between Juggie and Betty when he learns that Archie and Ronnie had been lying to him on Riverdale. Betty didn’t want any part of her friends’ or mother’s scheme to reveal Jug’s father as Jason Blossom’s murderer, but Jug didn’t know that. He thought Betty had lied to him also, and was hurt that she didn’t tell him what the others had been up to. The emotions between Cole Sprouse and Lilli Reinhart were palpable, and my heart broke for both Betty and Jug.


Superhero of the Week

Danielle: In Underground, there were two superheroes this week: Noah and August. Noah gained his superhero powers when he finally killed Bill in the Macon house!! He was out for a vengeance when Bill had branded Rosalee in the episode; he’d promised that he wouldn’t leave the plantation with Bill still breathing. I’m pretty sure Bill ain’t coming back from being choked to death.

Also, when August tackled his partner, stabbed him in the neck with a branch, and shot him in the heart, that killed me!! Not killed me in a bad way, but in a surprising way. After his unlikely bond with Ernestine in the scene before about grief and losing their children, I didn’t think he’d actually stand up for her. But he did!! And I loved it! Will he always be like this, is the bigger question.

Nora: Alexis Bledel as Ofglen in episode 3 of The Handmaid’s Tale is my superhero of the week! Not only is this such a powerful character, as episode 3 shows her not saying any words as she’s on trial for her gender identity, but Bledel gives us one of her greatest performances. Just using her eyes, Bledel shows the horror and strength going through Ofglen’s mind and it’s truly amazing. Ofglen experiences great loss in episode 3, but she’s a superhero in her own right. The Handmaid’s Tale is such an amazing show in general, but Bledel’s work in episode 3 truly has me amazed. Bledel, I commend you for your work and Ofglen is such an amazing character.

Lizzie: Kara Danvers, ace reporter and Supergirl is my superhero of the week,and it’s not even because she’s an actual superhero, no. It’s because she’s Kara and she’s a good friend and a savvy reporter, someone who is interested in getting the truth out there, someone who sees things as more than black and white, someone who believes in second chances and someone who, cape or no cape, can save the day.

April: Clark Roberts on The Great Indoors is a really sweet guy who is stuck in the friend zone with the woman he loves right now, but although he plots to make his way out of it, he doesn’t force a relationship with her. On the contrary; Clark not only wants Emma to be happy, but he has befriended her boyfriend and wants him to be happy, as well. Clark is just a genuinely nice guy, with no hidden agenda, and sometimes, that’s all you need to be a superhero. (That, and being named Clark.)


Quote of the Week

Lyra: “Yes, dumbass, we. You, me, and Sam. We’re just better together. So now that you’re back, let’s go Team Free Will.” – Dean Winchester, Supernatural

Danielle: “Who can you trust? You can’t even trust family.” – Emily, Underground

“Once you invite the devil in, horrid little seeds start to sprout!”- Alison, Pretty Little Liars

“She [Jenna] has balls the size of church bells.”- Spencer to Aria, Pretty Little Liars

“She’s [Addison] worse. At least when I threatened adults I looked up from my phone.” -Alison, Pretty Little Liars

Nora: “Felicity Smoak is one of the best people I’ve ever known, and she’s gone over to the dark side. I don’t want that to happen to my wife.” -John Diggle, Arrow

“Because she’s a vindictive blind girl. How could she create a board game when she can’t even tell if her blouse is on inside out.”

Whelp that didn’t stop anyone from selling her a firearm.” -Hanna and Alison, Pretty Little Liars

Charles: “And we know you are good at waiting in cars.” – Major to Ravi, iZombie

Lizzie:My part was easy. I just showed up, ate the Jell-O and proposed to a girl in a coma.” – Marty Deeks, NCIS: Los Angeles.

April: “Break out the Hufflepuff yearbook, and let’s start sorting.” “Me and my bitches are straight up Ravenclaw.” – Jack and Brooke, The Great Indoors

 izombie peyton liv moore blaine debeers GIF

WTF Moment of the Week

Lyra: Peyton inviting Blaine to stay at her place with Liv on iZombie. My anger with Peyton inviting over Blaine has nothing to do with Ravi. That love triangle is boring me to tears. This is about how Liv was turned by Blaine, how he killed teenagers for his business, and how he killed her boyfriend. Has Peyton not been informed of these details? Apparently not because she was totally ok with inviting Blaine to stay at their place. Even worse the way she asked wasn’t a question. It was basically telling Liv that she’d made a decision and was saying something about it as a common courtesy. Why don’t you use that common courtesy to respect your friend and not put her in that awkward situation in the first place?

Charles: Savitar reveals himself to Killer Frost on The Flash. At the end of the episode, Savitar met up with Killer Frost and basically showed his identity to Caitlin. Funny thing is, Caitlin immediately agreed to work with and trust Savitar as soon as she saw Savitar’s identity! Does this mean it’s someone we’ve seen before? Could it actually be Ronnie, her former fiance? I know one thing, I am beyond ready to find out who Savitar is.

Lizzie: Look, I love you, Designated Survivor, I do, but I’ve been waiting to know who the mole was for what feels like eons, and now that I do know I’m just …disappointed. I didn’t really want it to be one of the big players, but that has to be better than it being someone whose name I couldn’t even remember, right?

Nora: I’m with Lizzie on this one. I love Designated Survivor and everything they’ve done this season, but the supposed MASSIVE reveal of who the mole is, was very underwhelming. I agree with Lizzie, I’m disappointed because I didn’t even remember this character’s name. I wanted to be someone who held a little weight on the show.

April: I’m just really confused why Brooke is with Paul on The Great Indoors when it’s clear that he doesn’t know her at all.

Agree? Disagree? Have another moment you think we missed? Share with us in the comments below!

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