‘Unique’ Name for Liam Paynes Little ‘Bear’

So, apparently the traditional name of Taylor, which Liam had said years ago he would like to name his first born is not what he and girlfriend Cheryl Cole chose when naming their newborn son. They did, however, choose a rather…unique option, keeping in line with the celebrity habit of choosing less than traditional monikers.

What name did they choose?

Bear. Bear Payne.

I will pause for a moment to let that sink in.

Born March 22, the new parents decided to hold off on naming the little guy until they could get to know him and his personality.

“They didn’t have the name Bear before the birth but they’d been thinking of a name since meeting him and they just felt it suited him.” – source

Rumored namesake Bear Grylis hopped on Twitter to congratulate the couple when news of the name surfaced.

“Great choice! Love & blessings to you guys as you start on the greatest adventure… @CherylOfficial @LiamPayne.” – Bear Grylis

Adding a touch of confirmation to the rumored name, Liam responded in kind.

“Thanks man. hope he grows with an ounce of your courage! Your (sic) a boss.” – Liam Payne

Can’t wait to see more pictures of the littlest 1D lad.

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