Harry Styles First Solo Music Video Coming Soon!

He’s a cheeky little bugger, he is.

In keeping with his cryptic and teasing ways, today (May 6) Styles released a 16 second clip of what will be his first solo music video, for his debut Sign of the Times.

A piano ballad, lovely scenery, the song title and May 8. That is all he gives us, but it has already set fans into excitement overload. Gifs, images of crying, and of course, hilarious comments including references to Twilight in reference to some of the scenery used in the clip.

I have to admit, I snorted at those ones.

After a rather stressful time that had many fans weeping after being unable to procure coveted tickets to Styles first solo tour, the video couldnt have come at a better time. To ease the pain of not seeing him live, he gives us his video.

Well played, Mr Styles.

Check out the clip –


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