Fangirlish’s FEELS of the Week: April 30th-May6th

Welcome to another Sunday of talking about the shows that made us laugh, cry, go awww and, of course, look around and wonder what in the world was happening. If it made us feel things, whether they were good, or bad, then this is where we talk about it. This is where you tell us if you agree. This is where we let it all out.

So, without further ado, here are these week’s picks:

Badass Female Character of the Week


Charles: Octavia Blake from The 100. Fighting overwhelming odds and for her people, Octavia showed how much of a badass she is in winning the conclave. She has been such a warrior for so long that it was cool to see her in action for almost the entire episode. She won and saved her people….except for the fact that Jaha and Clarke kind of betrayed her by taking the bunker by force. What the heck you two???

Nora: Almost every week she’s my badass female character, but Erin Lindsay on Chicago PD is just that amazing!!! This week was particularly hard for Lindsay. When trying to stop a bank robbery, she shoots and kills one of the offenders who turns out to be a 15 year old boy. It takes its toll on her, but she keeps fighting. Lindsay is always strong in the face of even the hardest obstacles and this week continued to prove that! After the hardship she went through, she still manages to buy an expensive bottle of whiskey and join Jay for his birthday celebration. She’s a badass in the very sense of the word.

April: Verity left home and moved to Jamestown, where she discovered she had been bought to be a drunkard’s wife, so she ditched the dress and tried to escape in britches. Ultimately, she decided to stay for her best friend, and slapped her husband-to-be when she realized he had only let her think he was gambling her off. In declaring “Then perhaps I might stay and not be married,” Verity is a girl after my own heart. Stay feisty and independent, babe.

Lizzie: Alex Danvers is just a badass. She is. She couldn’t get out of that tank by herself no, but that doesn’t mean she gave up. She kept fighting, trying to find a way to help Kara and Maggie, who she knew were looking for her. Not only that, she did the best she could to buy herself as much time as she could, because that’s who Alex Danvers is. She’s a fighter. She doesn’t need powers to be a badass.

OTP of the Week


Lyra: Since I know Olicity is going to definitely be covered below, I’m gonna mix it up and pick Freya and Keelin from The Originals. TV is known for queerbaiting. It’s their bread and butter. But I knew there was something brewing between these two ladies and this past week The Originals finally delivered on those lesbian goods! Keelin put herself out there and let Freya know how she feels when she’s around the immortal witch and told her that she was willing to stay in New Orleans for her. It wasn’t a declaration of love but a declaration of intent, that she wasn’t going to run away from this just because it’s hard. And because this is a CW show there was some angst, Keelin walking away, and then Freya going after her and returning her feelings in the form of a kiss. *dreamy sigh* Give me more Freya/Keelin staring into each others eyes and for the love of God, LET THE WITCH AND WEREWOLF SURVIVE AND RUN AWAY TOGETHER INTO THE SUNSET!

Nora: After the season we’ve had I was getting nervous they would never be my OTP of the week, but Olicity finally takes this category for me! With Felicity and Oliver trapped in the Bunker, it brings about an entire Olicity episode that frankly, should’ve come earlier this season!!! Between flashbacks to their final night spent together to present day where they fight to survive, there were SO many Olicity feels in this episode!! From Oliver revealing to Felicity that he may enjoy killing to Felicity tearfully pleading with Oliver to let her go to the adorable Olicity salmon ladder moment, Arrow gave me an amazing episode filled with awesome performances from Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards! I remembered why Olicity is one of my ultimate OTP’s with this week’s episode!

April: The stars aren’t in their favor, but Silas and Alice of Jamestown aren’t letting that stop them. She’s meant to marry his asshole of an older brother, but finding him on that wharf changed everything for her, and he’s never seen such a beautiful face before. When she told him what his brother did to her, Silas assured her that he wouldn’t let Henry get away with it. And damn, was that a hot makeout!

Lizzie: I’m gonna go with Nora – it’s been a while since I’ve had anything positive to say about Olicity, but this episode gave me back the feels about these two. From the playfulness of the flashbacks to two people who clearly care about each other in the present, this is the most Oliver and Felicity have looked like the people I fell in love with and the most I’ve cared about them in more than a season. So, no, it’s not perfect, not yet …but at least I have hope.

Moment that made you collapse into a puddle of FEELS


Lyra: Sanvers talking about having more firsts on Supergirl turned me into a puddle of feels. Even though they were miles apart, and talking through a laptop, it felt so intimate and like they were right there with each other. It was lovely to see that both women have dreamt about a future together and will fight whatever they have to, to make sure that it comes true. It’s a milestone for Sanvers and a turning point into bigger/better/more complicated stuff for their relationship. Top this moment off with the one at the end where they said their “I love you’s” and I’m down for the count, hugging a pillow, and searching on Tumblr for Sanvers gifs.

Nora: I have to agree with Lyra on this one! Sanvers made me sob this week on Supergirl. They have swiftly become one of my favorite couples on TV and this episode just further proved why. I was an emotional wreck from the moment Maggie started to realize she may lose Alex. Her tearful plea to Alex to keep fighting because she wants to have more firsts with her was heartbreaking! The crying didn’t stop, especially when they exchanged I love you’s. Sanvers made me a blubbering mess this week and I’m so excited they took the next step in their relationship!!

Another moment that made me collapse into a puddle of feels was on Chicago Fire when Kelly loses Anna. Severide has never been my favorite character, but this week he really got to me! Watching him cry over Anna was heartbreaking! An amazing performance from Taylor Kinney!

Charles: The last few moments of this week’s iZombie. Major’s condition got so bad that he had to take the cure but beforehand he got to have one last romantic moment with Liv. As they reminisced about their first kiss together, you could see all of the history and emotion in their faces. Excellent emotional work by Robert Buckley and Rose McIver in that scene there. Later  when Ravi is about to give Major the cure that will save him but take away his memories, Major tells Liv that the one silver lining to this is that he can fall in love with her all over again. My Heart. .

Danielle: When Noah finally confronted Rosalee about her not telling him about her pregnancy on Underground, that gutted me! I saw this moment coming throughout the episode, but it got worse when Noah snapped at Rose about how hurt he’d felt when he’d had to find out that she was carrying his child while he was trying to protect her from being branded. She’d gotten branded anyway, and Noah was feeling both guilty and anger towards Rosalee. Their confrontation was both needed and frustrating for me as a fan of both of them. Because as much as Rosalee needed to hear how Noah was pissed at her for keeping her secret, Noah yelling that she was “just like her father” (who was an a—hole in S1), was a low blow. Like, damn, Noah!!

April: Never underestimate the love a child has for his mother, and vice versa. The Landlord just wanted his mother alive, but went about it completely the wrong way. She decided to let him go, but he didn’t want to, so she ended up making the choice for him. This was such a beautiful scene on Doctor Who. David Suchet gave a masterful performance of the creepy Landlord who, in the end, was just someone’s loving son.

Superhero of the Week

 oliver queen olicity felicity smoak john diggle ota GIF

Lizzie: I’m not saying I’m going to forgive Arrow for all it’s stupidity, but did you see John Diggle hold onto both Oliver and Felicity WITH ONE HAND? Talk about a super-hero. And, while we’re at it, Oliver had to do his fair share of lifting as he pulled Felicity to safety. This is really all I want from the Arrow stunts: people I care about doing impossible shit for each other. This is my jam.

Nora: Arrow surprised me in every way this week as it became the show I fell in love with. Original Team Arrow– Diggle, Oliver and Felicity– were the true superheroes this week. They literally pulled each other out of a near death experience this week!! From Oliver carrying Felicity on his back the entire episode to Felicity coming up with every plan to save her and Oliver to Diggle pulling them to safety, OTA were the true superheroes this week!! I loved seeing them working together again and it was everything I wanted! Arrow, thanks for letting your three superheroes be at the center of this amazing episode.

Terri: I’ve got to agree with both Lizzie and Nora on this one. That one-handed John Diggle stunt on Arrow was crazy. Was it realistic? Definitely not. But if anyone can pull up two people with one glorious bicep, it’s Mr. Diggle.

April: Riverdale’s Nancy Drew, of course. As Kevin said, “Nancy Drew strikes again.” Betty wouldn’t let Jug give up on his father, and was determined to prove FP’s innocence. And she did.

Quote of the Week


Lyra: “There’s one silver lining to forgetting everything. You’ll knock me off my feet all over again.” – Major Lilywhite, iZombie

Nora: “I wouldn’t have fallen in love with you or wanted to marry you if I didn’t know the kind of man you are.” -Felicity Smoak, Arrow

“Alison Rollins sounds like a mouthful of muffin.” -Hanna Marin, Pretty Little Liars

Danielle: “Become the monster that came to eat you.” – Cato, Underground

“We’re all complicit as long as there’s slavery in this country.” – Elizabeth, Underground

“I aint never doubted you, but I ain’t sure I’m meant to lead.” – Harriet to God, Underground

“I don’t trust him. His answers come too easy from his mouth.”  – Harriet, Underground

“Rose, you treated me like a slave. You just like your FATHER.” – Noah, Underground

“I ain’t never alone, even when I’m by myself.” – Harriet, Underground

“She slapped him.” – Georgia

“Good girl.” – Harriet, Underground

Charles: “Perhaps in the future, you will consider working for me.”Gus, Better Call Saul

“There are no highlights in Scottsdale, Margo!” – Holt, Brooklyn 99

Lizzie:My dad used to have a saying, ‘Line it up in your sights, then take it out before it takes you out.’” – Kensi (to Deeks), NCIS: Los Angeles.

April: “Brooke, there’s a lady here to see you.” “Oh, is it the couples counselor Paul wanted me to meet?” “I don’t know who she is, or what she wants.” “Really nailing this whole receptionist thing.” – Esther and Brooke, The Great Indoors

WTF Moment of the Week


Charles: I’ll go with the Savitar reveal on The Flash.This though is more of a “WTF are you writers doing?” moment though. I swear, I have no clue why they do this. Why is Savitar a future Barry Allen? Do you not want us to like the main hero of the fucking show? Also, you want us to believe in WestAllen is unbreakable yet they pull this crap. WTF is this shit, Flash writers? I want to like Barry Allen, I want others to like Barry Allen. Shit like this doesn’t let us like Barry Allen.

Lizzie: Charles had the real WTF moment of the week, but honorary mentions goes to Rumple. Why did I expect him to make the right decision at this point? I don’t know, because the show sold it really well? But, of course, like always, Rumple showed that he’s without a doubt not a hero – he’s the villain of Once Upon A Time. And that’s all on him.

Nora: The reveal of Savitar’s identity on The Flash was very underwhelming and was just a giant WTF moment! Also The Coopers are really The Blossoms on Riverdale and just thinking about Polly’s unborn children!!! It was just all a massive WTF moment!!!!!

Terri: The latest episode of Riverdale was one giant WTF moment. From the reveal of Jason’s killer to the cringeworthy moment we learn about the background of the extended Blossom family, it was intense. I can’t wait to see what the season finale brings.

April: The Riverdale Coopers are actually the Blossoms. That was just a major WHAT?!!

Lyra: Madame Hydra, aka A.I.D.A. the crazy robot who just wanted to be a real girl, kidnapping Fitz on Agents of Shield. She’s delusional if she thinks just because she has a body that he’d want to be with her. He knows who he is, is still in love with Jemma, and there’s no way that Jemma is going to let him slip away because he thinks that there’s something wrong with him and he did all those things because he wanted to. It’s A.I.D.A.’s fault and I can’t wait for the Ghost Rider to reappear and kick her ass!

Agree? Disagree? Have another moment you think we missed? Share with us in the comments below!

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