Harry Styles ‘Sign of the Times’ Music Video Drops

We had very little time to mentally and emotionally prepare for this. May 6, Harry Styles, in keeping with his preference for the teasing and cryptic, showed a 16 second clip of beautiful landscapes to the intro tune of the song, with the date May 8 flashing across the screen at the end.

Fans knew what was coming. The music video for Styles solo debut, Sign of the Times.

And today it dropped to a wild response from fans, friends, and media.

The video is very calm and rather soothing, much like the song itself. Harry, clad in a white sweater and long overcoat, walks through fields before lifting into the sky, flying over water, land and mountains. The close ups of the impossibly attractive singer left much of the fandom in a puddle of emotion and sobs on the floor…or maybe that was just me?

Here are a few of my favorite Twitter reactions to the video:

First, we will start with traditional media. Making a direct response to the high flying antics, Entertainment Weekly seems to like it.

Next, we turn to his 1D counterpart in Niall Horan. Of course, you wouldnt expect the Nialler to let his pals video drop without making some sort of praise, right? Equally as expected would be the Nialler teasing.

Now, comes the fan responses. There are the emotional, the praise, and of course, the hilarious. But all of them are gold! Here are some of my favs!


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