‘The Blacklist’ 4×20 Promo Photos: ‘The Debt Collector’

We’re only three episodes away from The Blacklist season finale ( I can’t believe it’s almost here already!), and tonight’s episode is called “The Debt Collector”. Red and Kate will have to have a final confrontation to put their feud to rest for good, but they will be taking a slight break from fighting each other in “The Debt Collector” tonight in order to save Liz. At least on the part of Kate, it seems like this is going to be a very reluctant alliance, and who could blame her?

From the photos, it also looks like Ressler is out of FBI custody and back in his position on the task force. I’m really curious to see how he gets out of everything that went down in “Dr. Bogdan Krilov”. It seemed like he was going to be under investigation for a pretty lengthy amount of time, and would have to be in FBI custody for the duration of that investigation. Apparently Liz and the rest of the task force must be about to find enough evidence to exonerate him and get him back on the team, completely clearing his name. I’m hoping that a fair amount of the episode is spent on explaining this, because it will be really disappointing if they just quickly say they proved his innocence and everything is solved. This could be a really big story line for Ressler with a lot of great opportunities for character development, and quickly skimming over it would be a tragic waste. Ressler already doesn’t get nearly as much focus in the show as he deserves, so deciding not to follow through on these hints of a bigger role for Ressler would just be a bad move. I’m not a fan of seeing Ressler so in pain and vulnerable as he was in “Philomena” but I do want to see more of him on screen as always, whatever way we can get it.

The Debt Collector seems to be another run of the mill Blacklister, this time intent on capturing Liz and collecting the reward that the FBI previously had out for her arrest when she was still running away from the Kabal.

Check out the gallery and read the synopsis below to get ready for “The Debt Collector” tonight!


Red turns to an unlikely source for help when a mercenary knows as the Debt Collector goes after Liz; Ressler faces an unexpected problem while trying to stay ahead of Agent Gale’s investigation.

The Blacklist airs Thursdays at 10/9c on NBC.

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