‘This Is Us’ Has Us Bawling At Our Desks With This Video

If you know me, the one thing that you will know about me is that I don’t cry. I don’t like being that vulnerable. But every week, This is Us, pulls something out of me that I can’t explain. Everything that has ever hurt, everything that has ever challenged my well being – it all becomes a part of me that I can let go of.

I love this show, like many of you do.

Right now, networks are presenting their TV lineups and with that comes lots of new trailers. But one thing we have been looking forward to is any information that we can get on This is Us. I’ve been clamoring to anything, because somehow I just need to know that this family is ok.

But what better way to talk about season 2 than to talk about the impact that season 1 had.

With two more seasons, we are pretty sure that we’re going to get more questions than answers, so we’ll take This is Us in bits and pieces.

If you aren’t watching the show, you need to catch up now. This show hits you where it hurts and it is just beautiful.

This is Us returns to NBC on Thursdays, this fall.

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