Wattpad Book Review: Sugar Lust by @LaviniaLeigh

It has been much too long since I gave you guys something awesome to read on Wattpad, and I feel like I should hide in shame. But instead, I’ve decided to make up for my tardiness in reviewing some of the most awesomeness and squeeworthy on the internets hottest writing forum by giving you one of my latest favs to pour over this weekend!

We all love to curl up with a sweet romance (or at least most of us do). Something that makes us laugh, makes us cry, with a heroine so relatable in her quirkiness and awkward realism that you cant help but feel like you are that person. Add on the fact that there seems to be just not enough stories out there about grown ass women and real life struggles, when you find one you like you tend to grabby hands like no other.

Well, this is what I give you in Sugar Lust by @LaviniaLeigh. The author is a career girl, a wife, a mother, a Wattpad Ambassador, and soon to be published author, putting the title of ‘super woman’ in to the literal. Her charming and humorous story of a single mom with the unfortunate habit of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, balances her determined child with her own ambitions.

A lot of us can relate, right?

Here is a breakdown.

Blurb: Emmaline, a single mom who chronically suffers from foot-in-mouth disease and problematic love life tries to make sense of her busy, complicated world while raising an ambitious kid.


Right off the block, you are drawn in to Emmalines life as the opening chapter is her going in to labor. BAM, you feel her fear, her worry, and her joy as her life takes the biggest turn any woman can face. The story is full of humor, angst, and relatable drama as you follow the heroine through coming to terms with being a teen mom, growing into her own, and balancing a love life with her own passions.


At times, you struggle not to shout at our heroine when dealing with her driven and sometimes pushy child. As a non-parent myself, I can only imagine the struggle it is to guide a tiny human through this world (Lord knows I can hardly guide myself!) but sometimes I was looking for a firmer hand and a little more ‘me first’ from our MC. Again, this is me and my zero-occupation-zone-uterus opinion. Overall, the story was amazing!




I love how easily you fall into Emmalines world, immediately eyes wide as she faces teen pregnancy coming to an end, and bringing her daughter into the world. It was a shocking, but effective way to make you immediately want to know what was coming next!

The story is already a Wattpad Featured Story with more than 200,000 reads. So really, you guys cant go wrong.

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