Niall Horan to Join Manchester Tribute Show

Terrorist attacks are something that are becoming all too common in todays world. News of bombings, shootings, kidnappings and more, all in the name of fear fill our news headlines every day, slowly making us numb to what this world is becoming.

But May 22, 2017 was a day that shocked the world. For the cowardice of one man, and his choice of target. An Ariana Grande concert, a stadium filled with young fans who had no doubt waiting in excited anticipation for months for that night, only to have it end in fear, pain and death.

Only a week later, Grande is stepping forward to show love and support for those from that day, banding together other famous friends for a One Love Manchester tribute show. One of said famous pals is 1D alum Niall Horan, along with Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Usher, and more, with tickets going on sale today.

For Niall, of course, joining in the show was a no brainer, as he explained to SIRIUS XM on May 30.

“It’s a terrible thing that happened, but I’m glad that Ariana can pull some of her friends together and get up on stage and raise some needed money for the victims of a terrible attack. I guess that’s the least we can do as artists, is get up there and sing a few songs and try to put some smiles on some faces in that part of the world.” – Niall Horan

The show will be June 4, 2017,  at Emirates Old Trafford cricket ground, will air live on BBC TV, BBC Radio and Capital Radio Networks. All net ticket proceeds from the show will go to the We Love Manchester emergency fund.



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