Our 5 Favorite Bookstagrammers For June

We love books. Who doesn’t? One of the things that we love about books is pretty pictures, AKA bookstagram. Taking a picture seems easy enough, but it’s truly not. We have several friends that are bookstagrammers and the work that goes into each picture is painstaking.

But the outcome is beautiful!

Here’s the 5 Bookstagrammers that we are loving this month.


There is something beautiful about bringing the outside world together with books. Liisa, who is a student in Finland takes beautiful photos that don’t feel over stylized.


The Bibliotheque

Maybe it’s my obsession with clean lines and white backgrounds, but The Bibliotheque’s photos are stunning to me. Sure I would love to see more colors, but I understand that her whole motif is white, so why we don’t get a lot of pops of color. Her feed is beautiful.


Sure, Emma’s feed isn’t always books, but that’s part of what we love. Emma’s also a successful BookTuber and we get to see little peeks inside her life. Her love of books and understanding of the material that she is photographing comes through in every picture. Her feed is full of bright colors and great lighting.


A big fan of minimalism that’s part of why we love Booksugar. Her photos are styled, but the books take center stage over any props. The beautiful bursts of color keep us memorized. We also love that she features a lot of classics.




I feel like I am seeing photos from the past or taken on the streets of Paris. Everything makes me feel like I watching something beautiful unfold. Everything makes me feel like I am watching the book life that I would love to have. Charlotte, I love your feed.

Who are your favorite bookstagrammers? Let us know and they may be featured next month.


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