See The Trailer for TNT’s ‘Will’

Lord, how we have missed Jamie Campbell Bower. Sorry to all the other people in Will – we admit that we were pulled in by the possibility of seeing him in another gig.

The fact that it’s about William Shakespeare was a secondary thing.

The show, which was supposed to air on Pivot, was cancelled before it’s release. Thank you TNT for bringing it back to life, because we adore it.

We’ve had the chance to screen the first 3 episodes and maybe it’s because we’re buzzing off of Still Star-Crossed, that we are adoring it – but we really think that it’s more that it’s just really good.

Will tells the story “young playwright William Shakespeare (Laurie Davidson), a man whose recklessness and weakness for lustful temptation exacerbated his tortured brilliance, as he becomes the hottest thing on the rowdy 16th century London theater scene. The series, from Craig Pearce (Moulin Rouge!), is said to be a contemporary take on the life of Shakespeare and will feature a modern soundtrack.

In addition to Davidson, Will stars Olivia DeJonge (Hiding) as Alice Burbage, a carpenter’s daughter attracted to Shakespeare’s genius; Colm Meaney (Hell on Wheels) as James Burbage, Alice’s father who built the first theater in London since Roman times; Mattias Inwood (The Shannara Chronicles) as Alice’s egotistical actor brother Richard, who forms a partnership for the ages with Shakespeare; Jamie Campbell Bower (Camelot) as chief Shakespeare rival Christopher Marlowe; and Ewen Bremner (Trainspotting) as notorious law enforcer Richard Topcliffe.”

Will debuts on TNT July 10th!


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