Dumplin’ Casts Its Lead Actress

There are times that we are excited over things and there are times where we dance around our living room in excitement, hoping that no one notices.

We’ve always loved Dumplin’ – the book is amazing. We’re excited that the lead in the film has been cast.

Danielle Macdonald, an actress from Australia, has been cast as Willowdean Dickson and will star opposite Jennifer Aniston. We are excited.

Author Julie Murphy reacted to the news.

If you aren’t familiar with the books, you need to be. The books tell the story of Willowdean, who was given the nickname Dumplin’ by her former pageant queen mom. She’s outspoken and does a mean Dolly Parton impression. Willowdean enters a beauty pageant run by her mother in order to get under her skin and that inspires others. “The Revolutionaries” encourage her to keep going and participate and reinvent traditions.

We are telling you – this book is not only funny, it’s EMPOWERING.

Dumplin’ is being called a musical driven comedy. Wait, does that mean Aniston will be singing? We’re intrigued.

Dumplin’ begins production in Atlanta in August.

Are you excited?

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