Chris Colfer Makes Us All Feel Like We Aren’t Doing Enough Things

Chris Colfer is one of those people that puts us all to shame. What do I mean? The man has a million things going on, but he’s always like, “let me take on one more.”

But I guess this one has more of a personal meaning as the actors middle grade books, The Land of Stories, have been optioned for a movie adaptation. Twentieth Century Fox, along with Shawn Levy’s production company 21 Laps, will be adapting. They will be working with Colfer on the adaptation.

Colfer will be writing the screenplay for the adaptation, but why stop there. The actor will also be directing the movie.

Talk about every authors dream. Well at least the having lots of control part.

The first book to be adapted? The Wishing Spell. 

Wishing Spell follows twins Alex and Conner Bailey who, after the loss of their father, are transported into a magic book in which the classic fairy tales have come to life. Thrust into a world where they come face-to-face with the characters they’ve only read about in stories, the kids must fight dark forces in order to return home.

Will you go see Colfer’s adaptation in theaters?

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