Fangirlish’s FEELS of the Week: June 11th – June 17th

Welcome to another Sunday of talking about the shows that made us laugh, cry, go awww and, of course, look around and wonder what in the world was happening. If it made us feel things, whether they were good, or bad, then this is where we talk about it. This is where you tell us if you agree. This is where we let it all out.

So, without further ado, here are these week’s picks:

Badass Female Character of the Week


Lyra: I have to pick one? What about a duo? I volunteer the Earp sisters for Badass Female Character(s) of the Week! I know technically it’s cheating but I don’t care at this point. It’s so amazing to see them working, having fun, and destroying the bad guys together. Even better, they walked in slow motion again. This time covered in the goo from their enemies while brandishing weapons and looking amazing AF. Excuse me while I sit down and go all heart eyed for these two sisters.

Nora: June/Offred in the season finale of The Handmaid’s Tale. This season has been filled with June trying to live in the horrific world of Gilead while an uprising slowly bubbled below the surface. The show has been unbelievable this season and a lot of the reasons for a great first season is June’s character and Elisabeth Moss’ portrayal of her. In this season finale, when Janine is convicted of a crime, all the Handmaids are forced to get together and stone Janine. After ten episodes, June stands up to the Aunt Lydia and the rest of the Gilead government and refuses to kill her friend. It’s a badass moment for June that will propel season two. June is one of the strongest female characters on TV right now and this season finale showcased one of her best badass moments on The Handmaid’s Tale so far.

OTP of the Week


Lyra: Wayhaught on Wynonna Earp. They made it through a disagreement, shared their fears, bared their hearts to each other, and then proceeded to bare themselves to each other. I’d take that as a win all around! Wynonna Earp is giving this LGBT relationship the brilliant writing and time it deserves to blossom into something truly unforgettable, something to aspire to have. They’re a happy and healthy partnership that is only going to get better and better with time.

Nora: Haleb, Emison, Ezria AND Spoby from Pretty Little Liars. This episode was like one giant OTP episode and I’ll forever thank Marlene King for it! With the police getting closer to exposing that the Liars killed Rollins, each OTP takes some time for themselves. Ezria has sex, Spoby reunited, Emison has sex and most importantly, Haleb gets married. It’s a montage of every OTP on Pretty Little Liars and I loved every second of it. This episode was just one giant OTP of the week!!

Charles: WayHaught from Wynonna Earp. We saw them consummate their relationship and it was beautiful, sexy and consensual. Waverly and Nicole’s love for one another is so strong. (I’ll ignore the spider Waverly ate afterward though)

Moment that made you collapse into a puddle of FEELS


Lyra: Klaus trying to free Hope from The Hollow before she disappeared on The Originals. He poured his heart out to Hope in an effort to get her to keep fighting tooth and nail against The Hollow. And just when you thought they’d won, just as you watched her lip wobble and Hope promise to keep fighting, she disappears. It was a sucker punch to realize that even the youngest of the Mikaelsons will go through unthinkable obstacles.

Nora: Without spoiling too much because we binge watch at different speeds, but man the season 5 finale of Orange is the New Black was one giant moment that made me collapse into a puddle of feels. Every character had me crying at some point and I was not prepared at all. I was ugly sobbing and it was the hardest I’ve ever cried at this show. Specifically, Flaca and Maritza destroyed me! That friendship is everything and this season finale of Orange is the New Black utilizes it to tug at your heartstrings. Man, what a ride.

Charles: Wynonna and Doc’s talk on Wynonna Earp. I’m a low-key Wynonna/Doc shipper and seeing their talk this week hit me right in the feels. Both have feelings for each other but both have problems to deal with before anything can happen. I hope these two can someday see how well they work together.

Superhero of the Week


Lyra: Liv Moore on iZombie. She entered uncertain and hostile territory to rescue Ravi. She even teamed up with Blaine, super evil extraordinaire that is the cause of a lot of pain on this show. But none of that mattered because her friend was in trouble and he needed her. So she put her zombie game face on and came swinging, or in her case snarling through glass, to make sure no one hurt that perfect hair…I mean her friend.

Nora: Taystee on Orange is the New Black. Again, without giving to much away, she truly steps up and becomes the main character this season. With the prison riot rocking Litchfield, Taystee takes charge to negotiate the inmates demands and to get justice for Poussey. Danielle Brooks gives her best performance on Orange is the New Black this season. It’s incredible and Taystee truly becomes a superhero in her own right. She commands every episode, and while the season can be slow at times, Taystee is the constant bright spot in Orange is the New Black season five and further proves you don’t need a cape to be a superhero.

Quote of the Week

Lyra: “We’re on the Fury Road Express, baby girl, and there aren’t enough flaming guitars and gassy generals to bring us down.” – Wynonna Earp, Wynonna Earp

Nora: “Never underestimate the power of a Mom. Give me time and I might get your Teddy Bear paroled.” -Ashley Marin, Pretty Little Liars

“It’s their fault. They should never have given us uniforms if they didn’t want us to be an army.” -June/Offred, The Handmaid’s Tale

WTF Moment of the Week


Lyra: Mad Sweeney cussing out the world or Mr. Wednesday as he stands over the twice deceased body of Laura Moon on American Gods. He could’ve walked away. He could’ve put all of this behind him and left the ‘dead wife’ to rot. But his guilt had finally caught up with him and he couldn’t ignore it anymore. He did Laura Moon wrong because of the wishes of someone who never cared for Mad Sweeney. No more.

Nora: Once again, Aria, I don’t understand why you thought working with A.D was going to work in your favor?! Alison said what I’ve been thinking for weeks, which is how could Aria put Ezra before the other Liars so easily? The episode ended with A.D putting Rollins body in the back of Aria’s trunk, and honestly, she deserved it!!!

Charles: Waverly eating the spider! I know Waverly is possessed but why is it that evil good always makes you eat the most disgusting things?

Agree? Disagree? Have another moment you think we missed? Share with us in the comments below!

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