‘Wynonna Earp’ 2×03 Photos & Sneak Peeks: Gonna Getcha Good

Wynonna Earp‘s “Gonna Getcha Good” is going back to high school! Witnessing Wynonna’s disdain at this reunion, making a jerking off motion while rolling her eyes, we can safely say it wasn’t her decision. With the introduction of a high school friend in last week’s episode she’s probably been dragged along by said friend before discovering the monster of the week, a genie who isn’t quite a genie but worse.

On the Doc front he’s helping out an old friend and continuing his mysterious work below his newly acquired bar. I’m still holding onto the belief that he’s doing this all for Dolls. And Waverly plants one on Nicole in the middle of the highschool and puts on a little cheer for her girlfriend.

We can’t wait!

Synopsis for Gonna Getcha Good:

Doc tries to help a friend, while Wynonna must deal with an angry Marzanoik; it’s like a genie but way more evil.

Check out the trailer for Gonna Getcha Good:

Wynonna Earp airs Fridays at 10/11c on Syfy.

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