Hold the Floor: How the AHCA Wants to Kill You

Some of you may know that Democrats are currently holding the floor in the Senate, in an effort to get the GOP to talk about their proposed healthcare bill that will cut insurance to some 23 million Americans. Some of you might not know. That’s okay, I’m here to break some of this absolute assholery down for you, and we can all panic together!

The reason that the Democrats are resorting to these measures is because there is currently a bill being written behind closed doors that will impact your family, your friends, and you, and no one has read it. When Obama first tried to pass the Affordable Care Act, which went through the Senate in December, 2009, he consulted with the Republicans, held meetings, consulted with professionals in the field, listened, and considered the changes that would benefit the bill. This bill, the AHCA, aka Trumpcare, is going through without anyone knowing exactly what it’s going to say. I assume I don’t have to explain how dangerous that is.

Okay. I will.


I understand that many people don’t like ACA, don’t like the way it is framed, and how it sometimes falls short if you are in a certain bracket. That’s fine that you get to dislike it, and I understand your frustrations, but for millions of Americans it has helped save their lives. Let’s weigh that one more time – Irritation Vs Life. I think life wins pretty handily. Notably, the stipulations that allow for people with preexisting conditions to get healthcare and not be discriminated against has helped save lives – has helped people afford their medications, their treatments, and their care. This is a stipulation that is going away, meaning that therapy is going away, chemo is going away, and screenings for women are going away. Unless you can pay for it.

Can you pay for it? Can you afford to have everything hiked up because you are seen as at risk? Can you afford the bills the hospital throws at you if you have cancer, or Multiple Sclerosis, or need treatment for PTSD? If you can, then how is it so hard to sympathize with those who cannot? Is a tax break that important to you?

Healthcare is complicated, our healthcare system is complicated, and the ACA is not without its faults. But all three of these had discussions in public the last time we needed reform. They were not done by people who wanted to cut off the basic rights of the disabled, women, and lower income families. The current bill is meant to take away instead of give. It’s being fostered by greed and enabled by people who don’t really care if those 23 million people live or die so long as they’re unaffected, which they will be. The discussions need to happen in the public. They need to happen by you, by us. We have to have a say. And you have to listen to the people who are on ACA, who need it to live. They know what they’re talking about. Unlike you and me, they live in this world daily. They have to, and when they tell you this is going to be bad, you should really, really listen.

When a bill is passed through so quickly, with the majority of people not having read it, you have to wonder what it’s hiding, what it intends to keep from us all, and why so many would like us to remain ignorant to it. Is it because they fear our reactions and thus their jobs? Do they know that there are things inside that bill that would see a greater number than 23 million harmed and without? Do they know that it will hurt you?

We cannot let this go. The dignity of life should not be a bi-partisan issue. It should be common sense. We should all work to keep each other safe and healthy.

This bill targets women and the most vulnerable of us, the sickest and those who need us most. It is a blatant attempt to strip back the dignities that have been hard-won and cultivated after years of petitions, reform, and conversations. Progress does not entail taking away the rights of others. That is never the root of progress. That’s fascism. We don’t do that here….Right?….Right?

Our current government has been busily attempting to take away everything that President Obama achieved, mainly because he achieved them, but from where I’m sitting it looks a lot like they hope to get tax breaks and they don’t care who dies along the way. That’s wrong. Plain and simple. Wrong by so many steps and degrees that it’s dizzying. Helping others isn’t an issue of ego, and our policies should not be dictated by people with agendas that belong to their pocketbooks. Our neighbors need better.

If you would like to help, you can call your representative. Your senators can be reached through this switchboard: (202) 224-3121. Ask them to oppose the bill. Ask them to remember who they represent. Ask them to speak up against something that will be detrimental to us all. And once this horrible bill is gone forever, maybe we can work on real healthcare reform that isn’t meant to deliberately, hatefully, target those who need the care most.

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