‘Younger’ Season Premiere: Kelsey Protects Herself, But Crosses A Line…

“Younger” (Airs 12/14, 10:30PM ET/PT)

Younger is back.

I love when Summer TV premieres because I have been missing having something new to watch. Yes, I know that it’s summer and we should be outside and stuff, but like – this is NYC and it’s hot AF outside. Sweat only looks good when I am in a workout class.

No other time.

But I love when Younger returns, because the show is magic. If you haven’t been watching the show tells the story of Liza, who is in her 40’s but poses as being in her 20’s, because she was unable to get a job. But posing in her 20’s she was able to land a job.

Only at the end of last season, shit went down for Liza. She cheated on her boyfriend, Josh, who was about to propose. It was then she decided that she was going to unburden her secret to Kelsey, who is one of her besties, but also her boss.

So we pick up this season right where we left off.  On the couch with Liza telling Kelsey the truth.


As we sit and watch Liza unburden herself, I have to say that it broke my heart for Kelsey. She’s had everything taken from her lately, and now, one of her best friends has lied to her. Did she really ever know her at all?

Kelsey looks stunned. She doesn’t know what to say, almost as if she’s just in a bad dream that she can’t find her way out of. I love Kelsey, she’s full of ideas, motivated, and knows that she wants to be more than she is right now. But this girl is fiercely loyal to her friends, they mean everything to her. Yet, her friends keep letting her down.

Liza lets Kelsey have her room and they can talk about the entire situation tomorrow. But what Liza doesn’t see is that Kelsey leaves.

I think personally that Kelsey was in shock. I mean I would be. Yes, I know why it is that Liza lied, but I think that we all know that what really hurts about a lie, is that feeling that you weren’t worth the truth. And that’s just heartbreaking.


I know, I know – it’s a five letter word. But one of the book pitches that they have the lady is a DC spin doctor – like Olivia Pope. Her theory is that “truth is a four letter word.” It’s right after that pitch that Liza takes it as a sign that she needs to unburden herself. She started to tell the group that she has something to tell.

But Kelsey stops her and tells the group that Liza is not marrying Josh. It’s one of those moments that shocked me, because I didn’t think that Kelsey would help her keep her secret. I was ready for her to spill the beans.

But Kelsey has always had one thing on her mind and that’s Millenial. She’s not about to let anything get in her way. She lets Liza know that they need to build her an online presence, that “you are who your last 10 search results say you are.”

Shit, I need clear my search history out.

That night Kelsey, after apartment hunting from hell, goes to a bar and runs into Josh. He wants to avoid her at all costs. One thing you really have to admire about Josh is that he doesn’t like lies. He doesn’t want to be trapped in them. But Kelsey tells him that she knows everything and you can see a sense of relief across Josh’s face.

He wants to be able to talk to someone.

He wants someone to be able to understand. So as much as I don’t like the fact that Kelsey and Josh are hanging out – I respect that they need each other.


Kelsey has suddenly gotten bigger balls. She’s pissed and she wants to take back control. So remember at the end of the season, last season, when Liza agreed to publish that ridiculous book on the EW writers labradoodle?

Kelsey was calling her shit and told her that they only way that she is going to get what she wants is if she adds Liza and Kelsey to EW’s 29 under 29 list.

Yes, Kelsey is in full defense mode. She’s protecting herself and you can’t blame her for that, because she’s been fucked over one to many times.

Leaving the party, Kelsey’s phone has died, so she asked Lauren to call her an Uber. But Lauren, being as crafty as she is and since Kelsey won’t tell anyone where she is living, they can finally figure out where she is living.

And my mouth dropped.

Because Kelsey is living with Josh.

And I am not okay with that.

Look, I get that there are issues and that Liza is a liar, but you don’t betray your friends like that. That just makes you shady.

Am I the only one that thinks that way?

Younger airs Wednesdays on TV Land.

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