A ‘Royal Pain’ Is Coming to ‘Designated Survivor’


There is a new, familiar face coming to Designated Survivor. Well, he’s familiar if you watched Royal Pains. Have to admit, I didn’t. But I am all about anyone coming to the cast of one of my favorite shows.

Deadline is reporting that Paulo Costanzo has joined the cast as political “friend and foil” to Sutherland’s President. He will play Lyor Boone, a man hired by Emily to help the President with his the messaging and strategy behind Sutherland’s presidency. After all, “If Kirkman wants Americans to believe in their government again, they first have to believe in Tom Kirkman.”

We’re going to get some drama out of this one. The President and Lyor will clash over their two different ideals. Yet, when doesn’t that happen in DC, which is part of the reason we are intrigued about this one. One of the things that we love so much about President Kirkman is his idealism. He’s always thinking like a citizen, rather than a politician. But – maybe that’s why Kirkman needs an advisor like Lyor.

Excited to see what his character has to bring to Designated Survivor. 


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