Wattpad Block Party Countdown Feature – What to Expect

It is officially July, and while we are finally enjoying the throws of summer, sun and warmth, it also means that the Wattpad Block Party is on its way! *insert squee*. Kicking off August 1 and carrying throughout the month, Wattpad sensation Kelly Anne Blount brings together Wattpaders from all corners of the forum for special features, give aways and more.

I am fortunate enough to be included in this collection of Wattpad writers, and with that comes the inside sneak peaks and access to these authors that most dont have! So of course, I am using this chance to bring you exclusive features as we countdown to the start of the WBP Summer Edition III

This first question lets you know what you can expect from some of the authors!

Question: Tell me about your WBP post in 5 sentences or less!

There is nothing more satisfying as an author than to hear how what I have written affects my readers. There is nothing more satisfying as a reader than to know that an author has seen my response to their work. Comments on Wattpad bring reader and writer together. My post is one giant commentary on comments. – @4thpowermama

I’m releasing the description and an excerpt from my upcoming book, No Strings Attached. It addresses issues such as bullying, stereotypes, and depression. I love sinking ships, so the romance in this novel is probably going to end tragically. – @RealisticWriting

I’m going to be featuring the beginning of the first chapter of my new project, The Heir and the General. It’s a High Fantasy love story that is going to have all the favorites – warring factions facing betrayal and honor while also focusing on the inner workings of the royal realms. It will be a larger world setting than I’m used to writing, with a lot more moving parts as the story continues on, but I’m ready for it! – @druidrose

I’ll be finishing up one of my most popular stories on Wattpad, the Charlie and Eliza series. Each story focuses on a new problem: the first is about coming out as transgender, the second is about cancer and the third and final story will focus on how ambition can affect a relationship. Hopefully it’ll give my readers the ending they’re looking for! – @Hazzer123

Graphics and aesthetics are IN right now. I’ll be featuring a quick and easy guide (with pictures) on how YOU can make swoon-worthy aesthetics in only 10 steps! – @tashtypes

I’ll be posting a bonus chapter/one shot based off of my current work in progress ‘The Billionaire’s Housekeeper’. I’m still deciding on the details so unfortunately no spoilers. Hopefully everyone will like it though. – @Me2You804

I’ll be posting a sneak peek/preview into Noah’s origin story called, Crown of Thorns. It follows Darien’s point of view in Fallen Rose and the making of Noah Turner, who is later seen in my published book, Newborn. So basically, it’s his backstory and the making of the monster. – @Emmiie

I’ll be posting my experience as an amateur graphic designer on Wattpad and also a vector cover tutorial of one of my ongoing novel’s covers!
– @TinHoverCarInIce

I have a 2-in-1 post. First: The readers (us as well) are all crazy for Wattpad, we know that, so I’ve rounded up the top 10 evidences of our craziness. Second: I’ve drawn two of my popular characters of my current book (anime style) and placed a tidbit of their POVs.
– @JMFelic

Be sure to check back often for most posts from the authors taking part in this Wattpad Block Party, inside features and everything Wattpad!

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