Harry Styles Releases Title of Second Solo Single

I think it would be safe to say that most people who have fallen in love with Harry Styles solo sound have been anxiously awaiting which track the crooner will choose as his second hit. There are plenty to choose from, all with different vibes, emotions and tenors, and fans are rather split on what it is they want to hear next.

Well, Harry has made his decision, and it looks like its a haunting tale.

Two Ghosts will be the second single from his debut solo effort, self titled Harry Styles.

The single, which is rumored to be written about ex Taylor Swift (after years of silence despite her rather verbose track record of writing songs about Styles) and has already been performed more than once on live TV. It is certainly a strong song, and fans are weighing in on their feelings of the news.

Most are excited, knowing that any Harry song is a hit in their minds; while others clearly had other preferences in mind when it came to what would be heard over the radio waves next. Granted, no matter what Styles chose to release, he would never satisfy anyone. Certainly years of 1D single release drama (and full on petitions and Twitter tirades by fans to get what they wanted in terms of singles) have given Styles a thick skin when it comes to knowing he can’t please them all.

But overall, most are happy with the choice, and some are already thinking about what the video will look like. Possibly featuring a Taylor look alike? Or will be steer clear of something so blatant?

What do you think about the song choice? Let us know!

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