‘The Originals’: 5 Questions We Want Answered At SDCC

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We’re excited for The Originals to make their appearance at San Diego Comic Con – because we fangirl hard over this show. But like so many things making their appearance this year, we have somethings we would like to know.

So here’s our 5 questions that we would like some answers to.

What does the time jump and focusing on Hope at The Salvatore School mean for New Orleans?

We’re all for a grown up Hope. We think that could be a great twist. We’re loving The Salvatore School coming into play. But what does that mean for New Orleans. We feel like New Orleans is such an important part of the show, as Mystic Falls was for The Vampire Diaries. So one has to ask – what happens to this all important character? Will we see it? Will things take place there? It’s important.

Will Hope reunite with her family?

Always and Forever. Don’t fuck with us. We know what it means. But we also know that there was a big change to the meaning of it, but guys – it still lives. Sorry, we think that Always and Forever is still an important part of this show.

That being said, we know that the Mikaelson’s agreed to stay apart, but will that last? Something tells me that Hope needs her family too much.

Will we see Caroline on The Originals? Will her girls and Hope be friends?

Though last season seemed to be tied up in a pretty little bow, we know there is more there. We know that there is something for Klaus – there has to be. He’s found his redemption in Hope, but there is a huge part of my heart that is hoping for more. That being said, what that is – I am hoping for some wrap up of Klaroline. So will we see Caroline?

But I also want to know will Caroline’s kids and Hope be friends? Or is there something there that makes them not want to deal with each other?

How will the Mikaelson’s handle being forced to be apart? How will they come back together?

I don’t think that this family can do without each other. Sure, they may be able to last a little bit of time – and yes, I would quantify 10 years as a little bit of time since they are immortal. But they are close and they thrive off being there for each other. So someone tell me please – how are they not going to be together.

I don’t buy it.

And I don’t buy it because they all love Hope.

Which ships can we bank on this season?

Inquiring minds want to know.

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The Originals airs on The CW.

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