The Director of ‘Riverdale’ Instagrammed A Pic That Has Us Going “WOAH!”

We don’t like our emotions being played with, but we realize that in fandom, we’re gonna experience that a lot. Especially when it comes to enticing us to want to watch the next season of something.

But lets get something straight Riverdale, we want to watch you. You don’t have to play with us. We want to see what the next season is.

Filming on season 2 has started and Director Rob Seidenglanz has decided that he’s going to kill us all and make us want to build a time machine to travel forward in life. He posted on Instagram a bloody letterman jacket with the caption, “and that’s a wrap on Episode 201 of @thecwriverdale #akissbeforedying.”

What the hell do you mean A KISS BEFORE DYING.

Logically we’re telling ourselves this can’t be Archie. BUT WHO IS IT THEN! Damnit, time to re-watch the finale and try to figure out.

and that’s a wrap on Episode 201 of @thecwriverdale #akissbeforedying

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Seriously, not cool. One can have a heart attack over these things. Fandom is life.

Riverdale airs on The CW.

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