‘Game of Thrones’ Releases 7×01 Pictures

How many times have we said it? It still doesn’t get old. Winter is here. Or winter will be here, this Sunday.

Or, not really, because it’s summer, but the Game of Thrones is back and we couldn’t be more excited. Especially because, with jut two more seasons, this one, which will consist of seven episodes, and the final one, which will consist of six, it seems like we’re that much closer to actual answers.

To, you know, actual happy reunions.

To long-waited meetings.

To the final battle, and we’re not exactly talking about the battle for the Iron Throne.

To more than two Starks being together in the same place. (Bran is at the Wall, I repeat, Bran is at the Wall!!)

To Cersei perhaps, maybe, possibly, getting her due.

To Daenerys getting back home.

To Brienne just being Brienne, which is to say, more awesome than everyone else.

Winter is coming, and answers are coming. This is season 7. There is no other way. So brace yourselves for the shocks, and quite possibly, the pain.

Here are the premieres pictures. Enjoy them. Breathe in this moment before it begins.

See you this Sunday. May the Many Faced God, the Lord of Light and the Seven have mercy upon us.

Game of Thrones premieres this Sunday at 9/8c on HBO.

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