Wattpad Block Party Special: Who are THEY looking forward to?

The Wattpad Block Party kicks off August 1, and Wattpaders from far and wide are waiting with baited breath. The block party brings together writers of every genre and followership for a month long extravaganza of special features, chapters, give aways and more.

Wattpad, the online writing forum which launched the career of New York Times bestseller Anna Todd (After), Ali Novak (Paper Hearts) and Natasha Preston (The Cellar) has no shortage of talent, and at the hands of Kelly Anne Blount, users are introduced to new authors and opportunities they may otherwise never have known.

But who are the participants looking forward to seeing most? We are each others biggest fans, of course, so we all have that one person we cant wait to see on their feature day, just as much as the rest of Wattpad.

So, with that in mind, comes this rounds exclusive interview question with the participants:

Who are YOU most looking forward to seeing at the WBP this year?

Check out their answers!

I’m most looking forward to the creative posts from the featured authors and to the Biggest Fan Contest! – @KellyAnneBlount

I look forward to reading all posts. Every author is special. I do however feel most excited to read posts by @wrightstory and @catmint5 . I love that they do some kind of journalism on the side around Wattpad. @catmint5 has a cool blog and uses it to promote authors a lot from Wattpad. Also @wrightstory makes a lot of effort with the interviews she does and also her activities off the site for local Wattpad authors are admirable. I love to read their posts a lot but love all other posts in the party. We all want to party to celebrate Wattpad community thanks to Kelly Ann who made it all possible with her dedication as the founder and organiser who spends hours putting together the party for us to enjoy. So I do also look forward to read Kelly Ann’s post too. Kelly Ann’s post is always the best that’s saved for last.@royal888

I’m most looking forward to chatting with other writers and reading all the creative posts everyone is going to come up with.@Nyhterides

I’m always excited to read everyone’s post! From interviews, bonus chapters, new stories and outtakes it’s always different and anticipating. – @kevinaoyatedor

Everyone. I always find new writers to follow thanks to the #WattpadBlockParty . It’s impressive to see what everyone comes up with for their post. I hate to admit it, but i’m still trying to get my post finished. – @DASCH409

The entire Block Party is always great, I enjoy everyone’s posts. But to be totally honest, I’m really excited for @liveandlove10 post…crossing my fingers for some Adaire! – @4thpowermama

I’m most excited to see posts from my favorite authors and friends! There’s simply so much things I’m looking forward to. – @RealisticWriting

Everyone’s. I know that’s a really basic answer, but it’s true. There’s always so much great content and interacting with readers and the other writers is always so much fun. – @Toxic_Wonderland


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