‘Riverdale’ Casts A ‘Supergirl’ Villian

We love when fandoms collide. On The CW it happens a lot, actors from one show to another seems to be a normal occurrence and we’re about it.

You may remember Brit Morgan from Supergirl (she was Livewire). The star will now be on Riverdale as Penny Peabody, the Southside Serpents attorney. She’s the “Snake Charmer.” The role is reoccurring.

Now as an attorney, you know – I’d wanna be paid with cash. I’d wanna be living it up and experiencing the finer things. However, Penny doesn’t prefer cash. She prefers favors.

Now we all know in dramas, favors aren’t the best thing to owe anyone. Especially in Riverdale.

Riverdale returns this fall to The CW.


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