Iris leads a Team Flash in the trailer for ‘The Flash’ season 4

When we last left The Flash, Barry sacrificed himself to the Speed Force to save everyone. As we found out in the The Flash panel at SDCC for seaosn 4, the team is trying to pick up the pieces.

From the beginning narration, it looks like Iris West is now leading Team Flash while carrying on for her missing fiance. We are very glad to see Iris getting the spotlight she richly deserves! Also included in the trailer were Caitlin looking like she is back with the team, a heartbroken Joe , Cisco still being Cisco and a freaking Samurai! The one big question though remains unanswered : When and How will Barry return from the Speed Force???

The Flash returns for its 4th season on October 10th at 8 pm on the CW.



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