See The San Diego Comic Con Teaser for ‘Riverdale’

One of our favorite things about San Diego Comic Con was the fact that we got to sit down and spend time with the Riverdale cast. But who wouldn’t love sitting across from Cole Sprouse?

We enjoyed every second.

Comic Con is also an amazing time because we get the treat of all sorts of new trailers. And today, we got one for Riverdale.

And we know now who was shot. Archies Dad. What worries us is that Pops called the shooter an “angel of death.”

Whats great it that we will know Fred’s fate by the end of the first episode. The fall out will bring a different side to Archie that we haven’t see. Maybe it will be less song writing and more getting to know Archie as a person. Cause Lord knows we need to get his character more interesting.

We’re interested to see what happens to everyone is season 2. Cheryl is still creepy as fuck, but what we’re curious about is what is going to happen to Jughead. As we saw at the end of Season 1 is Jughead is now a Serpent, and that worries us. How does that affect Bughead?

We’ll be interested to see how this all plays out.

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