The Bachelorette Week 7: The One Where Everyone Says I Love You

This is getting serious.

Here we go, it’s time for the final countdown. This week our four remaining bachelorette contestants will become three as Rachel travels to meet their families. Some families seem normal, some some seem emotional and one seems… odd. What is in store for us enthralled viewers this week? Read ahead and find out.


Was this really the best place to sit?

Baltimore, Maryland

Eric is lucky number one. The date starts out in a nice area of Baltimore, but it’s not where he grew up. They play some outdoor basketball (Rachel is really good, girl has many talents). A childhood friend shows up and they have a chat about growing up in Baltimore.

Then Rachel and Eric have what appears to be a deep chat, while sitting on basketballs? Guys, this doesn’t seem like the most comfortable ‘chair’ around. Sitting cross-legged on the basketball court would be more comfortable than this!

They walk up to a nice looking condo building, which Eric states is where his Aunt lives and is where she will meet his family.  When they enter the room, all of his family jumps up to greet them and I must say, they are dressed to the nines! One of his female relatives has especially great hair and some kind of glittery shirt. I approve already.

Rachel’s first chat is with Eric’s aunt. She goes straight in and asks if Rachel was prepared to be the first black Bachelorette. Her response is basically a ‘yes and no’ in that she was prepared but she also feels a lot of pressure to make good decisions. Rachel in turn asks her if Eric is ready for marriage and children, and she assures her that yes, he is.

Meanwhile, Eric is having an awkward-ish conversation with his mom about his childhood. It’s clear that they both have some big issues with what happened when he was a kid, it makes me feel for Eric that he had to grow up in the environment that he did. However, his mom and dad seem to support him now, so I guess that’s what matters?

Honestly, that’s about the gist of this date. At the end, Eric says he’s falling in love with her, they kiss, she leaves the end! On to the next one.

Number of guys who either said I love you or I’m falling in love with you: 1/1


It’s a fine day for a game of dominoes.

Miami, FL

Miami is apparently “hot and sexy like Bryan”. Rachel’s words, not mine.

As they’re strolling around Miami, I obviously get “Miami” by Will Smith stuck in my head, because I’m basically stuck in the late 90’s/early 2000’s.

To start the date, they play dominoes with some older men who look like a crowd I would like to hang out with. Nothing more fun than fedora wearing, dominoes playing older gentlemen! (No sarcasm here, I promise).

Bryan seems to really love living in Miami and one can’t help but wonder if this might be a point of contention in the future.

As soon as they walk in the door of his family home, we cut to a shot of his mother saying that “Bryan is the most precious thing I have in my life”… and then she downs a drink. Oh my.

He is an only child and his Mamma is very protective of him, she warns Rachel that not only would she be marrying Bryan but she would ‘also be marrying the family too’. This would personally scare me of all little, but Rachel seems to take it all in stride.

Since Bryan has been pretty well the frontrunner from the start it’s easy to wonder if this interaction with his semi-intense family might scare her off a bit. But, then if we look back, Jordan wasn’t scared off by Jojo’s intense mom in that season of the Bachelorette, so perhaps all may still be well here.

At the end of the date, they kiss, she seems sad to leave him, the end.

Number of guys who either said I love you or I’m falling in love with you: 2/2


Hi I’m Peter and this face sums up my feelings on this whole experience.

Madison, Wisconsin 

Madison seems like classic small town America. They stroll around the town and Rachel tells Peter that he needs to open up a little more and just let go of all the reservations that he has about everything.

They hang out in a restaurant/bar and a few of his friends pop by. He says he’s happy for her to meet them because they are an extension of his family, he has about 10 really close friends – hey Peter, me too! If it doesn’t work out with Rachel I’m all single up in here!

When talking to his male friends, they say they like her and Peter says that he does too, and that he feels like he knows her ‘fairly well’ by this point but isn’t sure if he has ‘the feels for her just yet’. Sometimes I feel like Peter might be too sensible for this show.

At Peter’s home, we meet his mom, dad, brother, wife and kids.

His sister-in-law says he’s ready for a wife, kids and whole works, and she hopes he’ll soon be able to share that all with Rachel.

Meanwhile, in a bit of a contradiction, his mother says that he is ready for a family and to ‘settle down’ but she doesn’t know if he’s necessarily ready for marriage. He’s definitely all in for commitment, but she’s not sure how he feels on marriage. I feel like this is a very sensible attitude to have. Not everyone feels that marriage is a thing for them, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. Whether or not Rachel feels the same remains to be seen, but I don’t think she’s gong to be too happy with his reluctance toward marriage.

Number of guys who either said I love you or I’m falling in love with you: 2/3


More questionable seating arrangements.

Aspen, Colorado 

Our final hometown date is with Dean in Aspen, Colorado. It certainly seems like a beautiful places to visit and hang out.

They go out riding on some ATVs and then have a picnic on some hay bales – which seems like it would be sticky? They break out some wine, which is sadly not Two Oceans. That’s a Bachelorette Canada dig, as it had an insane amount of blatant product placement in its episodes, (also yes,  the Bachelor and Bachelorette Canada is sometimes a thing that exists!).

Dean is obviously very nervous about going home, as it’s the first time he’s talked to his dad in two years.

Okay, rant time: I know all of this is contrived in order for it to be the most interesting for the viewers (re: ratings), but I don’t like this scenario with Dean. Obviously the situation between him and his dad is very sensititve. He feels like he was abandoned by his dad, and his dad doesn’t really see that. I feel like they’re exploding their pain a little too much here, I don’t feel good about it.

There are some very uncomfortable conversations between the two of them (and sometimes Rachel), so for the sake of Dean, I’m just going to leave this review of his hometown here. I really do hope him and his dad can find a way to reconcile sometime in the future.

Number of guys who either said I love you or I’m falling in love with you: 3/4


This will not end well for one…

The rose ceremony starts out by Rachel saying that she feels very ‘selfish in the decision that she’s about to make’ and she’s ‘not comfortable with that’.

As I’ve said before, I find sometimes I struggle a little in recapping Rachel because the snark doesn’t naturally fly. I do feel like she is in this for the ‘right reasons’ and I hope she does end up with someone who she can actually spend a life with. It’s okay though, Bachelor in Paradise IS just aright around the corner…

Onward to the ceremony.

Call out order:

  • Bryan
  • Eric (whatttt?)
  • Peter

Gotta says guys, this one surprised me. I didn’t seen the Dean elimination coming. After all that she witnessed him go through with his family, I was certain that it was Eric going home and not Dean. Well then.

In his exit interview he says she’s incredible and he hopes she finds what she’s looking for. He seems pretty shocked as well. Don’t worry Dean, looks like you’ll have a chance to find love again on Bachelor in Paradise!

See you next week as we reach the second last episode of the season.


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