Britt Robertson Books A Role on ‘For the People’

As you all know, we have our favorites and our not so favorites. Britt Robertson has been one of our favorites since the days of The Secret Circle.

The Secret Circle has always been life.

Britt recently starred in Girlboss and though we loved the show, Netflix cancelled it. And we’re okay with that. We loved the show, but it wasn’t life altering. And in the world of everything happening for a reason, Britt has been cast in a new role, she has been cast on Shonda Rhimes legal drama For the People.

Who will she be playing? Her role is described as, “Sandra, a sensible, fiercely intelligent and independent new public defender who was driven to the law because of an injustice perpetrated on her family when she was a child.”

The role that Britt is taking on has been recast after the pilot. Previously in the role was Britne Oldford.

We’ll definitely tune in for Britt!

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