Liam Payne Talks Duets, Writing, and Life After Baby

Liam Payne is coming on strong and right out the gate, releasing two singles back to back in support of his solo efforts. Strip That Down hit the air in May, with his latest single Get Low releasing in early July. Payne isnt wasting any time of his 1D hiatus, and is making the most of this opportunity to do his own thing.

But he admits that his solo music might not be exactly what the fans are expecting to hear from him. Part of the freedom of solo versus group music, is the freedom to make it your own. And Liam is quite aware that his ‘own’ may surprise some.

“That’s the most interesting thing to me. I love my fans and I want to carry them on through with me, though some of my music is not for some of them, and they’ll say that as well. But we’re picking up a whole new fanbase, too.” – Liam Payne, Teen Vogue

Liam opens up about life with baby, admitting that he hasnt written much music since the birth of son Bear back in March. Although, apparently, he has written a song from the perspective of a daughter to her father, which is quite interesting. And of course, he is all about collaboration, stating that Calvin Harris is a dream collab for him.

But when asked if a collaboration with girlfriend and baby mama Cheryl is in the future, he is quick to laugh it off.

“Nah, but we laugh about this all over. She’ll catch herself singing my songs in the house. She likes my songs. She’s my biggest fan.” – LP, Teen Vogue

Perhaps that is because Payne likes to keep his business on one side, and his personal life on the other. When he comes home, he puts his phone down and focuses on the family, leaving the social media world for when he’s on the road.

While the album doesnt have a release date as of this moment, Liam is excited to share as much as he can. Although he admits that sometimes he shares a little too much.

“I get told off for saying too much all the time. That’s my biggest problem in life, is I will say too much. But I’ve really enjoyed making the album. It’s been good.” – LP, TeenVogue

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