Louis Tomlinson Can’t Wait for Freddie to Meet Bear

Picture this for a moment…

Little Freddie Tomlinson, an adorable, adventurous toddler that is the spitting image of his dad, meeting said dads bestie and band mates newest little tyke. Maybe it watches him from a distance for a moment, encouraged to go say ‘Hi’ by the adults around him. Maybe he toddles right up and gently touches his head. Who knows, but the image itself has my ovaries on overload.

It seems that Louis is just as excited for that moment where his son will meet his friends, and talked about it when sitting down with ITV recently.

“I’m super happy for him and we haven’t been able to do it yet logistically but I’m really excited about having Freddie and Bear in the same room. It’s gonna be cool,” – Louis Tomlinson, ITV

Currently, the two dads schedules are a little hectic, so the delay in this adorable meeting is understandable. Both are promoting their solo efforts, and boy have released new songs just within this last month alone! Putting final touches on their respective albums and preparing to release them to the world is no easy task, adding on the job of being a dad and we can let the fact that we havent gotten pix of this play date slide.

For now, anyway.

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