‘unREAL’ Renewed For Season 4

We have to wait until 2018 for the third season of unREAL and we’re not happy about it. It feels like we’ve got a carrot dangling in front of our face, well cake – cause we love cake – and we’re not allowed to eat it. BUT – hey, you wanna know what makes it better?

unREAL was renewed for Season 4! Yes, that’s right – season 3 hasn’t aired, but we’re already assured that season 4 is coming.

Lifetime reupped the Bachelor-like series before it’s season 3 premiere. It’s hard to describe what we are feeling – but it goes along the lines of excitement, joy, and bring on the damn drama.

Stacy Rukeyser will remain on as showrunner.

unREAL returns to Lifetime in 2018.

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