Wattpad Block Party Exclusive: Proudest Moments

The third edition of the summer Wattpad Block Party is less than a week away. That’s right, less than one week! On August 1, everything kicks off with a bang, and continues every day through the whole month, bringing you variety, humor, chills and free swag. You will get posts from some of your favorite, and some of your soon-to-be favorite Wattpad writers, and there will be no day in which you dont find something new to love!

Fangirlish has the inside track to the participating writers, posing questions on their inspirations, what they are looking forward to, and who they cant wait to read!

This is the final exclusive feature post before the WBPSEIII kick off, and we wanted to make the last question something big. Something special. Something to be proud of.

So, what else could we ask but…

What has been your proudest Wattpad moment?

Check out their answers below!

My proudest moments are when my readers reach out to me and tell me how my story has positively affected them in some way. It beats getting that first million reads, getting featured, hitting #2 in my genre on the hot list, and finishing the entire trilogy. It’s so humbling and overwhelming at the same time. It brings me to tears.@JoFlower

One of my proudest moments is when I became a Wattpad4 Angel. Being picked by the fabulous four ladies was so amazing and the sweet words Rebecca, Erin, Leah and Monica spoken to me! Love them so much!@kevinaoyatedor

Honestly it was when @Squeaks7 commented that she stayed up til 2:30 reading my story. I was so shook that I gave someone book insomnia!!! Another reader commented that she was addicted. I’ve felt that for stories before and am so amazed that I’ve done that for someone else.@4thpowermama

I think every time I finish writing a chapter and hit publish I do feel a mixture of relief and feel proud. Writing a 2000 word chapter may not seem like an achievement to some but in my opinion it is important. We all try our best to write chapters. Even if someone is critical of the chapter, they can acknowledge that, a writer has to plot and write each chapter for hours.@royal888

Whenever I finish writing a whole book, I feel extremely proud and accomplish, because I’m known to procrastinate, and completing a novel became quite rare for me until I started writing Pithy.@twirlingwands

We hope these features have given you a little insight into the Wattpad Block Party, those writers involved, and all the things to come over the month of August. Make sure you follow the authors, and especially host @KellyAnneBlount to keep up to date with everything WBP!

The Wattpad Block Party starts August 1st.

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