Wait… ‘Ascendant’ Is In Development At Starz?

For a second, I thought that I was going crazy because I was pretty sure that I was reading the wrong thing. Now, you know that we love Starz and we’re all kinds of obsessed with so many of their shows. So when we saw that Ascendant – you know – the fourth Divergent series is in the early stages of development in stars, we got confused.

Because we never thought that this would happen.

Yes, we’re admitting it. Sure, we’ve been hoping for it, because we love the book series. The movies – we love because they hold so many memories for us. We’re excited for the possibility of it being of Starz we can 100% get behind – because we know they do great adaptations. We also aren’t shocked at the possibility of it being on Starz after Lionsgate acquired them.

Writer Adam Cozad (Tarzan) is on to write the script. He will also produce, alongside Lee Toland Krieger.

We aren’t sure if Shailene Woodley, Theo James and Ansel Elgort would be on, but we’re guessing that is probably a no. The reason being is some of the actors had previously stated that they wouldn’t be involved with TV. However, Starz isn’t like if it was going to on one of the four mainstream – NBC, CBS, FOX, or ABC – channels.

Part of us wonder what it would be like if it was on The CW or Freeform.

Ascendant is still in the early stages, but you know we’ll keep you updated with all the latest.

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