Louis Tomlinson Speaks Out About Justin Bieber

Being a celebrity now days is not as easy as it once was. It is no longer all about parties, money, fancy clothes and velvet ropes parting. But with the age of social media, paparazzi who know no limits, and ‘fans’ who take fandom to a whole other level of obsession, the pressures of the once golden life is no longer so alluring.

Justin Bieber rose to fame in his early teens after being discovered by Usher singing covers on YouTube. He shot to the top of the charts, endless number one singles, sold out concerts and famous friends. But the star has known his own line of troubles, with run ins with police, public stand offs with paparazzi and an iconic ‘roast’ on the comedy network. Bieber is this generations favorite bad boy, and as much as he is talented, he is equally on the radar for hate and harassment from the public who loves nothing more than to bring down others.

So, when Bieber decided to cancel the remaining dates of his Purpose tour, the public has been split between those who support Justin’s decision to put his own health first, and those who believe he should honor his obligations to the fans who put him in the spotlight.

One of those speaking out on the latest Bieber drama is someone who knows all too well the pressures of the music industry. Louis Tomlinson, of One Direction fame, spoke out on local radio when asked about Bieber and his latest setbacks.

“Obviously, you have to be in a good position mentally, but I also think, to a certain degree, when you’re signing up to something, you should see it through.” – Louis Tomlinson

It is the fans who make celebrities careers, and in exchange it is assumed that they will honor their side. Tomlinson, while recognizing the strains of the career, also sees the requirements of that exchange.

“There’s never enough that I can say or do for the fans…at the end of the day, it’s the people who are buying the records that are putting you where you are.” – Louis Tomlinson

Fans of Bieber and 1D have been split on whether Tomlinson’s statements are meant as support or dragging of Justin’s choices. Either way, the subject is open for the public to not only see the pressures of todays public on the lives of those they placed on a pedestal, but also the importance of taking care of one’s self first. No matter your popularity or riches, you are the only person you truly have the end.

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