Wattpad Announces Next Wattcon Event

Wattpad sure knows how to get their users excited. Just as the deadline for the 2017 Watty Awards comes to an end on August 1, the announcement of their latest fan event hits the internet, and it is going to be epic.

September 2016 found #NYCWattcon taking over New York City, bringing together fans, users, and Wattpad Stars to a small venue off Central park for a day of panels, swag, laughs and friends. Readers had the opportunity to meet their idols face to face, hear the stories of finding publishing deals, writing on the forum, and working at Wattpad HQ. It was a day that Fangirlish was lucky enough to be present for, and the anticipation for the next Wattcon event has been steady since.

Well, it looks like its happening soon, and this time in Wattpad’s home city of Toronto! October 21, 2017, Wattpad HQ will host the latest of the Wattcon events. The event will run from 10am-630pm, and be filled with all this Wattpad! Stars have been invited, panels are in the works, and as someone who has had the privilege of hanging at HQ before, it will be an event like no other!

Tickets will go on sale August 4 at 11am, and they will go fast! Not only is this another chance to meet your fav Wattpad writers in the coolest venue in Toronto, there will be swag and lots of it!


No panel or schedule information has been released, but we will keep you in the loop for all this #TOWattcon

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