Wattpad Releases Toronto Wattcon Event Information

Tickets for the latest Wattpad writer event were released this am, and Wattpaders far and wide are now in full orange excitement for what is to come. And at only $10 each, you’d be silly to miss out!

October 21, 2017,  from 10am-630pm, Toronto will be seeing orange as an influx of writers converge on Wattpad HQ to visit the iconic writer haven. WattCon, and Official Wattpad Writer Event will bring their users closer than ever to their favorite Wattpad Stars, HQ staff, and give tips and tricks for making the most out of their own writing on the forum.

Check out the event information, provided directly by Wattpad


The Wattpad community event of the year is finally here. Join us at WattCon in our home city of Toronto, Canada as we celebrate our love of stories and the people who tell them. Whether you’re looking to improve your craft, grow your audience, connect with like-minded creators, or learn from industry pros, WattCon is the best place for writers.

Featuring special guests, the Wattpad Stars!


  • Industry Insiders, brought to you by Wattpad Studios: Lights, camera, Studios! Wattpad has officially entered the entertainment space and in 15 short months, has partnered with industry heavy-hitters like TNT, Universal Cable Productions, and The Coup Company. But what does that mean for creators wanting to take their story to Wattpad and beyond? Get the inside scoop from industry pros and learn tips and tricks to help you and your story stand out among the rest.
  • Building Your Online Fanbase: The power of community-driven platforms is changing the lives of writers. Writing on Wattpad is a social and mobile experience that allows creators to connect immediately with their fans. But how do you translate your online success off of Wattpad? How can writers use social media to build and enhance their personal brand, as well as increase engagement and influence? Get the lowdown on how to market yourself like a pro, with tips and tricks on how to sustain an online audience in the world of DIY digital publishing.
  • Storytelling Pros: Mastering the art of storytelling is no small feat. From developing characters to capturing plot points, how do you craft a compelling story in the digital age? Take a deep dive with storytelling pros as they guide you through the ins and outs of creating a story with depth and resonance that will capture your audience.
  • Ask Wattpad Anything: With over 100 employees, there’s a whole lot going on within the bright orange walls of Wattpad HQ. From Product and Engineering to Creator Relations and Wattpad Studios, this panel gives a glimpse into who helps make Wattpad, Wattpad. Here, HQ staff take center stage and open up about their experiences. Here’s your chance to Ask Us Anything.

For those who have been a part of this community for a while, you may be familiar with Wattcon events. Usually hosted by users and fans of the forum, it brings together writers from every genre and experience to share stories, tips and exchange ideas in a like minded collection of writers. But this time, Wattpad has taken the helm and promised to bring even more awesomeness to this beloved event.  There is no other forum quite like Wattpad, and for writers to be given the opportunity to not only meet some of their favs, but do so at HQ, is something not to be missed.

Fangirlish will be there front and center, grabbing interviews, chats and behind the scenes of the event! And, for those who cant make the trip to Toronto, no worries! Wattpad will be doing a livestream of the event for everyone to be able to take part!

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