Harry Styles ‘Two Ghosts’ Hits the Air

With a number 1 album, multiple number one singles, and now the number 1 movie in the nation, the world is left wondering if Harry Styles can do no wrong? It seems that anything the green eyed Brit touches turns to gold, and on top of that, he’s just one hell of a nice guy. There seems to be no stopping Styles, and with the release of his latest single from his self titled album, we’re in for even more Harry Styles mania.

‘Two Ghosts’ was reported earlier to be the next single chosen to represent Harry on the air waves, and so far it has done him well. It is released this week, and some pop radio stations have already started playing the tune.

The song already at the attention of fans, especially considering who it is rumored to be about. Styles dating superstar Taylor Swift years ago, and while Swift is well documented for her preference to turn her personal life into music, Styles takes a much more ‘I dont kiss and tell’ approach. But that seems to have been broken with this song.

“I wrote it in California. It’s the only song from the album that I didn’t write while sitting down to do the record. I wrote it about four years ago. – Harry, Sirius XM

Now, while he doesnt actually admit that the song is about Swift, that is around the time the two called off their romance. Add on the lyrics which make references many believe to be about Taylor, it just adds a little something extra to an already beautiful song.

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