Kurt Sutter Added to the Cast of ‘Chaos Walking’

A fantastic book. An adaptation being made. Daisy Ridley and Tom Holland starring. You understand why we’re obsessing over Chaos Walking (we have been since we read the books).

Now we have another addition to the cast and we’re excited. Tom Hollands character, Todd, needs a father figure and they have cast Kurt Sutter.

If you aren’t familiar with Chaos Walking, the book by Patrick Ness – it’s a world where disease has wiped out all the female population. Ya, I know, at first I was like what’s he got against women, but it’s not like that. This book is amazing. Anyhow, Todd, is a teen traveling with his dog when he stumbles upon – you guessed it – a woman. That woman is being played by Daisy Ridley.

Sutter will play Cillian. He’s the man who took in Todd as a child and raised him (see why we said father figure). Now they don’t have the most zen relationship, but Cillian keeps Todd safe.

Charlie Kaufman, Patrick Ness, Lindsey Beer, Gary Spinelli and John Lee Hancock adapted the script. Allison Shearmur, Erwin Stoff, and Doug Davison are producing.

Chaos Walking is due to hit theaters March 1, 2019.


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